What is SPAM?

SPAM (Student Parents At Mānoa) assists student parents (aka students with children) enrolled at the University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa campus. We can assist with on-campus and community referrals to help student parents (Dads and Moms) succeed in their educational goals.

Currently SPAM focuses on linking student parents with available resources. We also sponsor events specifically for student parents. Check out the EVENTS section with our calendar and announcements or sign up for our email list ( to be informed of future events of interest to student parents.

What do you offer?

• Resources and referrals (academic, community and social) for student parents at UH Mānoa.

• We are located in the UH Mānoa Women's Center which provides comfortable lounge areas, wi-fi, computers, phones, lockers, a refrigerator and a microwave for student use. The Women’s Center is a welcoming and safe space for all students and is “child friendly."

I want to go to UH Mānoa, what should I do? 

Click on Back to College resources page for information about UH Manoa application requirements and how to apply. You may also contact us by email at or phone 956-8059.

How can I get financial aid or scholarships?

All financial aid begins by filling out the U.S. Dept. of Education’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For more detailed information click on the Financial Aid and Scholarships section of the Back to College Guide.

I need food, housing or other family assistance, what are my options?

Aloha United Way has an excellent referral system for community resources. (Dial 2-1-1 or 275-2000) 

How can I find childcare to attend classes?

Click on our Childcare resources page for an extensive discussion of referrals, availability and subsidies. PATCH (Ph: 839-1988) is Hawaii’s statewide child care resource and referral agency. 

I can’t afford childcare, what are my options for paying for childcare?

Childcare Connection subsidies are available for parents who are working or attending school.  Assistance is available for families earning up to 85% of state median income (e.g. for 2006, a family of 4 can earn up to $4,675 per month and be eligible) which includes many Hawaiʻi families.  Check our Childcare resources page for more detailed info.

How can I get Healthcare for my children?

State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) is available to families who cannot afford health insurance for their children and whose income is less than 300% of poverty, which includes many Hawaiʻi families.  (click here to learn more about income eligibility

Can I qualify for Health Insurance?

Adults earning up to 200% of federal poverty are eligible for QUEST-Adult.

How can I get academic support on-campus?

The Student Success Center at Sinclair Library and Student Support Services (SSS) offers a range of services, including peer-support, tutors, computer labs etc.

How can I get parenting support and advice?

Call the Parent Line (1-800-640-6486), which is a free, confidential service in which parents can pose questions to a CFS counselor about any parenting concern such as age  appropriate behavior or effective discipline techniques, etc. and appropriate services and resources for their family. 

Is there a parent support group on campus?

SPAM is not a “support group” but can assist if you would like to organize a parent event.  Contact us at with your ideas. 

I would like to get counseling for myself and/or my family, what are my options?

The on-campus Counseling and Student Development Center (CSDC) provides personal, career, and education counseling free to UH Mānoa students.  For students with children, family concerns can impact educational success and are appropriate areas for discussion and counseling. 

I am pregnant, what are my options for finishing school?

The University Women’s Health Clinic and local Planned Parenthood Clinic both offer pregnancy testing and non-judgemental supportive counseling to assist with decision-making. 

If you decide to remain enrolled while pregnant, click on the Enrolled & Expecting resources page for information about academic planning.

Aloha United Way has an excellent referral system for community resources (Dial 2-1-1 or 275-2000).  First, be sure to seek appropriate medical care.

For more detailed information and list of community and on-campus resources, click on the Enrolled & Expecting  resources page which is also available as a PDF in the downloads section.

Where can I find information about free or low-cost family events or activities?

Check out a list of “Free & Cheap” Fun Activities by clicking on Events. Also check out the “Hawaiʻi Parent Guide” that can be downloaded as a PDF. The Budgeting resources page also lists helpful links with information on ways to save money.

My question isn’t listed. Who can I contact?

You may phone (956-8059) or email the SPAM Coordinator at