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Admissions — Academic Year 2014-15

Notice to Applicants

Graduate Admissions Application General Information and Instructions

Graduate Admissions Application and Fee Payment Form

Concurrent Graduate Certificate Program Application Form

Residency Declaration Form

Confidential Financial Statement for International Applicants

Statement of Objectives Form

Petition to Apply for Concurrent Degree Status

Petition for Admission to a Doctorate in Same Discipline (For current UHM master's students applying for doctorate in same discipline)


Information for New and Returning Students

Information for New and Returning Graduate Students

Information for New Post-Baccalaureate Unclassified Students


Master’s Plan A Forms

Master's Plan A Form I - Pre-Candidacy Progress

Master's Plan A Form II - Advance to Candidacy

Master's Plan A Form III - Thesis Evaluation

Master's Plan A Form IV - Thesis Submission

Master's Petition to Enroll in GRAD 700F

Master's Petition to Revise Thesis Committee

Master's Petition for Remote Committee Participation


Doctorate Forms

Doctorate Form I - Pre-Candidacy Progress

Doctorate Form II - Advance to Candidacy

Doctorate Form III - Dissertation Evaluation

Doctorate Form IV - Dissertation Submission

Final Oral Examination for Doctoral Dissertation Defense and Master's Plan C

Doctoral Petition to Revise Dissertation Committee

Doctoral Petition for Remote Committee Participation


Miscellaneous Forms

Graduate Application for Degree

Petition for Leave of Absence

Petition to Transfer Credits

Petition to Substitute or Waive Courses

Petition for Submission of Undergraduate Excess Credits Toward a Master's Degree

Affiliate Graduate Faculty Nomination and Approval Form

Style and Policy Manual for Theses and Dissertations


Graduate Assistant Forms

Graduate Assistant Tuition Exemption Request Form

Graduate Assistant Petition to Enroll in More than 9 Credits

Graduate Assistant Petition to Work More than 20 Hours