Aloha * Talofa * Yokwe * Kaselehlie * Alii * Hafa adai * Mālō e lelei!

We are thrilled to announce the start of our Next Gen Hawaiʻi social media project. Our aim is to empower the youth of Hawaiʻi across all languages to support better health in their communities, especially in Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, and other communities that have been so impacted by COVID 19. We have been introducing some of our amazing Next Gen Hawaiʻi Public Health Ambassadors and sharing our first messages. 

For the rest of the year, we will be having 2 Tik Tok messages/challenges a month that can also go out on other social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) focused on spreading public health awareness and in-language resources to youth, including our PI communities, to help bolster health, a sense of belonging, and in-language outreach in the time of COVID-19.

We are sharing this information with community partners who may wish to amplify these youth voices!

We would love to have other organizations post and plan to disseminate. We would also love to amplify other relevant projects on our pages, especially other inspirational youth-engagement and empowerment projects and all the amazing work to reach Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, and other communities in Hawai‘i. 

Our primary goal is to get correct information out there in this stressful time about resources, health, and ways to cope to our communities via youth engagement, creativity, and overall awesomeness. We also have an AMAZING poster by Sydney Unciano, Public Health MPH student, to inspire this effort.

Here are the links: 
Instagram @hawaiinextgen
Facebook @nextgenhawaii
Tik Tok: @nextgenhawaii
Twitter: @GenHawaii

We are seeking A FEW MORE Next Gen Hawai‘i Public Health Ambassadors!

Next Gen Hawai‘i Public Health Ambassadors should be <25 years, live in Hawai‘i, and interested in creating social media content around a public health messages (2 times a month) for the rest of the year. These can be posted on your social media or directly to Next Gen Hawai’i and should be amplified widely. We are still seeking Next Gen Hawai‘i Public Health Ambassadors who speaks Chuukese, Kosraean, Pohnpeian, Palauan, Yapese, Samoan, and/or Tongan.  

Next Gen Hawai‘i Public Health Ambassadors will receive an honorarium.

If you are interested in being a Next Gen Hawai‘i Public Health Ambassador, please send an email with brief information about the reason you are interested in helping your community, your social media (IF you want to share this way, not required) and your language skills to by October 30 2020. We will send you more details and can also answer any questions there as well.

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