Design above is from the “Nhà Nha” (Let’s Go Home) project that is a community album dedicated to bringing together Vietnam, its diaspora, and the larger community. We are looking for photo and story contributions that explore “home” as a space of origins, belonging, connection, placemaking, homesickness, and growth. For the Vietnamese community, what does home mean, what has it meant, and what might it be?

About the Conflict and Peace Specialist

The Conflict and Peace Specialist can be a resource that provides a neutral, private, and independent resource to assist the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa (UHM) community in navigating conflicts, disputes, or complaints on an informal basis. We serve as a conflict coach, educator, intermediary, mediator, facilitator, information gatherer, or simply as an active listener. The UHM community is welcome to voice concerns, evaluate situations, and identify options on how to proceed.


Provides direct services and consultation to the UHM community who request to participate in a conflict management process. Work includes coordination and facilitation utilizing progressive techniques that might include conflict coaching, mediation, restorative practices, honest dialogue, and peacebuilding strategies. Such work helps to identify issues, goals and options to address and manage conflict in learning environments.

Peacebuilding Initiatives

These are collaborative ways that you can get involved in some peacebuilding initiatives. We continue to develop proactive programming that addresses issues that arise and beyond. Peacebuilding is a long-term process of encouraging people to talk, repairing relationships, and reforming institutions. For positive change to last, everyone affected by a destructive conflict has to be involved in the process of building peace. Transforming relationships is key to putting an end to violence.


These are some resources that may assist you with some issues that may arise. Do contact us for further education, guidance, services, and referrals.