UH Ranked Among Top Research Institutes in Physical Science

University of Hawaiʻi
Posted: Aug 9, 2001

The University of Hawaii is one of the top ranked research
institutions in Physical Science, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.
It is ranked 16 out of 41 university and research institutes from the UK, US,
Germany and Canada. In the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) databases,
these four countries are the top producers of research articles.

The study identified the top research institutions worldwide in each of the
seven major fields of research in the natural and social sciences: clinical,
biological, physical and environmental science, mathematics, engineering and
the social sciences. These findings, which were determined by the number of
publications and the amount of times they were cited by later publications,
recently appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education and were reported
in the Guardian.

Each category of research identifies the institutions with the greatest research
impact over the period of 1994-1998. The average citations per paper for a large
sample of papers is said to be a good guide to the performance of an individual,
a research group or an organization.

The Chronicle of Higher Education is a leading source of academic news
and information about campuses in the United States and around the world. The
Guardian is a British newspaper in London, England.