Fall Forum of undergraduate research to be held on December 1

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Sheela W Sharma, (808) 956-7492
Educational Specialist, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Posted: Nov 30, 2012

High-achieving students of UH Mānoa will present their research this weekend, at an event called Fall Forum. The showcase event, which takes place on Saturday, December 1, in the Imin Conference Center on the UH Mānoa campus, is free and open to the public. Students will interact with the public and give presentations of their research from 8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m., followed by an awards ceremony.

All student presenters are undergraduates, yet their research has been classified by the University as graduate level in quality. The day-long event will showcase work in academic fields, including Chemistry, Digital Cinema, and Pacific Island Studies. Presenters, many of whom are Honors students, will be judged on the merit of their research and findings, oral presentations, and poster displays. One student will take home the top accolade, Best Overall Presentation.

The Honors Program has promoted undergraduate student research at UH Mānoa since it was founded in 1960. It provides opportunities for talented and motivated students to excel in their academic studies. Honors students complete a challenging inquiry-based curriculum that encourages learning through independent research and creative expression. Honors students have access to smaller classes, and greater individual attention from university faculty.