New fulldome shows debut at Hokulani Imaginarium in February

Windward Community College's imaginarium presents "STARS" and "Magic Tree House Space Mission"

Windward Community College
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Marketing & Public Relations Director, Chancellor's Office, Windward Community College
Mary Beth Laychak, (808) 235-7350
Manager, Hokulani Imaginarium, Natural Sciences, Windward Community College
Posted: Feb 9, 2012

"STARS" will show on Feb. 10 and March 9
"STARS" will show on Feb. 10 and March 9
"Magic Tree House Space Mission" shows on Feb. 24, March 23 and April 27
"Magic Tree House Space Mission" shows on Feb. 24, March 23 and April 27
The Hōkūlani Imaginarium at Windward Community College debuts two new shows in February that showcase the facility's new, state-of-the-art fulldome technology.
"STARS" aims to answer the age-old rhyme “How I wonder what you are?,” and follows the different life cycles and diverse deaths of these powerhouses of the universe. The family-friendly "Magic Tree House Space Mission" is based on the popular children's book series and follows the brother-sister team of Jack and Annie on a special mission to uncover the mysteries of space.
Dates:  Feb. 10, March 9
Time:  7 p.m. (8 p.m. show also scheduled on Feb. 10 only)
"Magic Tree House Space Mission"
Dates: Feb. 24, March 23 and April 27
Time: 7 p.m. (8 p.m. show also scheduled on Feb. 24 only)
Admission for both shows is $5 for children (12 and under);  $6 for UH students, military or senior (65+) with ID; and $7 for adults. Call 235-7433 for reservations.

Located on the Windward Community College campus in Kane‘ohe (45-720 Kea‘ahala Road) , Hōkūlani Imaginarium shows are open to the public and enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Show Description for "STARS"
Every star has a story. Some are as old as time, faint and almost forgotten. Others burn bright and end their lives in powerful explosions. New stars are created every day, born of vast clouds of gas and dust. Through every phase of their existence, stars release the energy that powers the universe. Journey to the farthest reaches of our galaxy and experience both the awesome beauty and destructive power of STARS.

The stunning animation highlighted by astronauts, spacecraft, telescopes, nebulas, clusters, and more, was created by the talented team of the National Space Centre (Leicester, UK). This dramatic program features the voice talent of Mark Hamill. The Nashville Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Albert-George Schram, resident conductor, performed part of the STARS soundtrack.
Show Description for "Magic Tree House Space Mission"
Based on the endearing Magic Tree House® series of books popular with elementary school-age children across the globe, "Magic Tree House Space Mission" follows the exploits of the brother-sister team of Jack and Annie on a special mission to uncover the mysteries of space. A mysterious person named “M” sends the intrepid Jack and Annie on a fun-filled journey to discover the secrets of the Sun, Moon, planets, space travel and more.
UNC Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, in partnership with authors Will Osborne and Mary Pope Osborne, brings the blockbuster Magic Tree House® to life in fulldome theaters like the Hōkūlani Imaginarium for the first time ever.
Aligned with early elementary information skills and learning objectives, this beautifully produced show is a winner with Magic Tree House® fans of all ages and school audiences alike. Since its introduction, the endearing Magic Tree House® book series has been a perennial bestseller. Published in more than 30 countries and 29 languages, the series has sold more than 70 million books in North America alone.

Hawaiian for starry heavens, Windward Community College’s Hōkūani Imaginarium is a high-tech planetarium and multi-media facility. The 66-seat theater is home to the state-of-the-art Definiti 4K fulldome system from Sky-Skan. The new Digital Sky 2 technology allows audiences to experience immersive adventures in a true 360° environment. Viewers feel like they are part of the unfolding scene, whether it is falling through a black hole, flying through Saturn’s rings or witnessing the beginnings of the universe. For more information, contact Hōkūani Imaginarium Manager Mary Beth Laychak at (808) 235-7350 or