SUPER-M fellows bringing international paper-folding lessons to Hawai'i

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Posted: Oct 6, 2010

What can mathematicians offer teachers and their students on opposite sides of the world about the fun and fine art of paper folding? UH Mānoa’s School and University Partnership for Educational Renewal in Mathematics (SUPER-M) has formed a partnership with la Commission Genevoise de L’enseignement des Mathématiques (CEM) in Switzerland to bring a series of paper-folding lessons to Hawai‘i’s children.
During the week of October 11-15, students in grades K-12 in the islands and Switzerland will be working on the same mathematical theme of paper folding.
The focus for this year’s The Week of Math is called “Let the Math Unfold.” Since 2004, a week of mathematics has been organized every two years in Geneva, Switzerland, based on a different mathematical theme. This year the project has gone global for the first time, with the addition of the UH Mānoa Mathematics Department. More than 15 schools from O‘ahu, Maui, Moloka‘i and the Big Island will be participating.
Lessons were designed in Geneva and translated by the SUPER-M graduate fellows for use in Hawai‘i. Lessons for teachers K-12 for the Week of Math 2010 may be downloaded at 
CEM is comprised of the Mathematics Department at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and the primary and secondary school system for the Canton of Geneva. 
SUPER-M is a funded National Science Foundation Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education project. The intent of the SUPER-M project at UH Mānoa is to make high-level mathematical concepts accessible to K-12 students through partnerships between teachers and mathematics graduate students. To track the SUPER-M, visit