Report of Announcements Made at the September 7 University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents Meeting

University of Hawaiʻi
Posted: Sep 10, 2001

The University of Hawaiʻi‘s Board of Regents (BOR) held their monthly meeting today at Maui Community College. The following actions were taken:

Faulkes Telescope Project
The BOR approved a request to execute an Operating and Site Development Agreement (OSDA) and Lease between the Faulkes Telescope Corporation and the University of Hawaiʻi for approximately 1.5 acres at the summit of Haleakala, Maui, for the development of the Faulkes Telescope. The proposed telescope will be the largest in the world dedicated strictly to education and outreach. The Institute for Astronomy (IfA) will contribute a one-time payment of $250,000 to the Faulkes Telescope project, with these funds to be paid from the IfA‘s account at the University of Hawaiʻi Foundation. The telescope‘s construction will be financed by the Dill Faulkes Educational Trust of the United Kingdom (UK) and will be named in honor of Dr. Martin "Dill" Faulkes, the founder of the trust. Plans call for having the instrument operational in the year 2002. It will be housed in a state-of-the-art facility with an enclosure that opens like a clamshell and that will be capable of exposing the entire telescope to the night sky.

Lease Agreement with the Hawaiʻi Health Systems Corporation (HHSC)
The BOR authorized the Administration to enter into a 25-year lease with the HHSC for its management and operation of Leahi Hospital. Under the proposed agreement, the University would grant to HHSC a lease to the approximately 290,000-square-foot parcel and improvements comprising the main Leahi Hospital complex bordered by Makapu‘u, Kilauea, Pokele and Maunalei Avenues. The lease agreement would be on a nominal rent basis, consistent with the legislation that established the HHSC, and would run for a period of 25 years, subject to extensions of 5-year increments upon the mutual agreement of the parties.

Public Hearings on Proposed Amendments to Chapter 20-10 and Chapter 20-8
The BOR authorized public hearings on proposed amendments to Chapter 20-10, Delinquent Financial Obligations and Chapter 20-8, State Higher Education Loan Fund, Hawaiʻi Administrative Rules. The proposal to amend Chapter 20-10 would allow the BOR to delegate the final decision making authority in contested case matters to the President or the President‘s designee. The proposal to amend Chapter 20-8 would provide student loan borrowers with a monthly payment plan. The University is currently billing its borrowers once every three months. With monthly billing, borrowers would have an easier time repaying their student loans.

Hawaiʻi Educator Loan Program
The BOR approved public hearings on proposed Administrative Rules governing the Hawaiʻi Educator Loan Program. Act 307 creates a forgivable student loan program for University of Hawaiʻi students in teacher education programs that take teaching positions in the Hawaiʻi state Department of Education. The intent of the legislation is to address the severe teacher shortage in Hawaiʻi by removing tuition and other education costs as barriers to people who wish to obtain a license to teach. This loan program applies to the teacher candidates on both the Manoa and Hilo campuses.

Termination and Re-Designation of Programs at Honolulu Community College (HCC)
The BOR approved a request by the Senior Vice President and Chancellor for Community Colleges to terminate the Engineering Option, Architectural, Engineering and CAD (AEC) Technologies Program at HCC.

The BOR also approved a request to re-designate the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Drafting Technology at HCC to an Associate in Science Degree in Architectural, Engineering and CAD Technologies, effective spring 2002.

Establishment, Retitling and Pricing of Executive Class
The BOR approved the following:
—Establishment of the executive class, Vice President for Academic Affairs (Academic)
— Retitling and pricing of the Senior Vice President for Administration (non-academic) to Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer (non-academic).
—Waiving of recruitment and granting presidential authorization to appoint the Vice President for Academic Affairs (Academic) and the Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer (Non-Academic) at salaries not to exceed the 80th percentile of the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR).

Establishment of Committee for Student Affairs and Committee for University and Community Affairs
Allan Ikawa, chairman of the BOR, requested and received approval to establish a separate BOR committee on student affairs and to create a new committee on University and Community Affairs.