Public Dissemination and Media Coverage of our Research

Media Continued

“The Biracial Advantage” by Jennifer Latson, Psychology Today–May 2019

“Pod Squad: Talking About Race In Hawaii” by Emily Dugdale, Honolulu Civil Beat–October 2017

“Study’s conclusion: Move to Hawaii, Become Less Racist” by Allyson Blair, Hawaii News Now–October 2017

“Study: Living in Hawaii Can Make You Less Prejudiced” by Olivia Peterkin, Honolulu Civil Beat–October 2017

“Move to Hawaii, Become Less Racist” by Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard–October 2017

“What Biracial People Know” by Moises Velasquez-Manoff, The New York Times–March 2017

“Be ‘Color-Brave’ With Your Kids: Avoiding discussions with children about race is costly” by Sandra Waxman, Jennifer Richeson, and Leoandra Onnie Rogers, U.S. News & World Report–January 2017

“The trouble with colorblindness: American children need to stop being taught to fear the topic of race” by Kristin Pauker & Evan Apfelbaum, Quartz–September 2015

“Is ‘racial colour-blindness’ hurting our children?” by Rachel Lau, Global News–August 2015

“Racism In America: Children Who Don’t Have The ‘Race Talk’ Face Negative Psychological Effects” by Dana Dovey, Medical Daily–August2015