Welcome to the Intergroup Social Perception Lab at the University of Hawai‘i Manoa! We examine malleability in person perception across context and time and the effects of such malleability on intergroup cognition and behavior. Specifically, we are interested in how motivations, social context, and individuals’ lay theories impact social perception and their resultant consequences for intergroup relations.

We approach these questions using a multi-method toolbox, including eye-tracking, reaction-time, and traditional behavioral measures, with a variety of populations, including children, adults, and multiracial individuals. Our lab integrates insights from both social and developmental psychology, advancing our theoretical understanding of social perception and intergroup processes and applying this knowledge to create effective interventions to minimize negative outcomes due to stereotyping, interpersonal friction, or persistently biased social perceptions.

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We are currently recruiting 4-7-year-olds for several studies. Find out more information here.