To celebrate our faculty, staff, and innovative teaching practices at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UHM), the Office of Vice Provost for Academic Excellence, Center for Teaching Excellence, Assessment and Curriculum Support Center, General Education Office, and Technology and Distance Programs have launched the Innovation and Impact Showcase initiative.

The Showcase aims to generate a repository not only to celebrate the innovative teaching practices at UHM, but also to inspire all of the UHM community.

Special thanks to faculty reviewers:

A photo of Adrian Alarilla
Adrian Alarilla
A photo of Jennifer Darrah
Jennifer Darrah
A photo of Yao Z. Hill, Associate Specialist, Assessment and Curriculum Support Center (Co-Chair)
Yao Z. Hill
A photo of Christine Beaule
Christine Beaule
A photo of Priyam Das
Priyam Das
A photo of Laura Lyons
Laura Lyons
A photo of Daniela Bottjer-Wilson, Assistant Specialist, Center for Teaching Excellence (Co-Chair)
Daniella Bottjer-Wilson
A photo of Charlotte Frambaugh-Kritzer
Charlotte Frambaugh-Kritzer
A photo of Paul McKimmy, Specialist, Department of Learning Design and Technology
Paul McKimmy
A photo of Stephanie Buelow
Stephanie Buelow
A photo of Marta Gonzalez-Lloret
Marta Gonzalez-Lloret
A photo of Stephen Tschudi
Stephen Tschudi
A photo of Henri Casanova
Henri Casanova
A photo of Noe Goodyear-Ka'opua
Noe Goodyear-Ka‘opua