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HRCFS Reports to the Hawaii State Legislature

  • HRCFSLegReport2014.pdf
  • HRCFSLegReport2013.pdf
  • HRCFSLegReport2012.pdf
  • HRCFSLegReport2011.pdf
  • HRCFSLegReport2010.pdf
  • HRCFSLegReport2009.pdf
  • HRCFSLegReport2008.pdf
  • HRCFSLegReport2007.pdf
  • HRCFSLegReport2006.pdf
  • HRCFSLegReport2005.pdf
  • HRCFSLegReport2004.pdf
  • HRCFSLegReport2003.pdf
  • HRCFSLegReport2001.pdf

About Futurists

  • Glenn Paige: the Man Who Stole My Friend – GlennPaigeFuturist2011.pdf
  • Wendell Bell: the Futurist Who Would Put My Grandmother in Prison – WendellBellFuturist2011.pdf
  • Eleonora Masini: the Woman Who Gave Me Light and Wings – EleonoraMasiniFuturist2011.pdf
  • Eleonora Masini : Dama de los Estudios de los Futuros – EleonoraMasini267-350.pdf
  • TomMandel1993.pdf

AI Robots

  • On the Rights and Rites of Humans and Artilects – RitesRightsRobots2008.pdf
  • Selling Chips to Robots – Cross-cultural Perspectives in Virtual Realities – Chips2Robots1990.pdf

Book Reviews

  • Future: a Recent History – TheFutureARecentHistory2009.pdf
  • Resource Scarcity to Ecological Security: Exploring New Limits to Growth – ResourceScarcity2006.pdf
  • Islam, Postmodernism and Other Futures: a Ziauddin Sardar Reader – IslamPostmodern2003.pdf
  • From Imperial Myth to Democracy: Japan’s Two Constitutions – Japans2Const2002.pdf
  • Medieval Futures: Attitudes to the Future in the Middle Ages – MedievalFutures2000.pdf
  • The Future of Tradition: Customary Law, Common Law, and Legal Pluralism – FutureOfTradition2000.pdf
  • Utopistics – Utopistics1999.pdf
  • The Future and Its Enemies: the Growing Conflict over Creativity, Enterprise, and Progress – FutureEnemies1998.pdf
  • Technology and Global Change – TechnolgySocialChange1998.pdf
  • Technological Trajectories and the Human Environment – TechnologicalTrajectories1997.pdf
  • Voyager Tales: Personal Views of the Grand Tour – VoyagerTales1997.pdf
  • Paths of Fire. an Anthropologist’s Inquiry into Western Technology – PathsOfFire1996.pdf
  • Quantum Politics, Applying Quantum Theory to Political Phenomena – QuantumPolitics1991.pdf


  • 50 Years Back and Forward: Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Using ‘Cutting Edge’ Technologies for Learning and Research – LifeLongLearningForTCC2010.pdf
  • Telecommunications Futures 2010 – TelecommFutsHTCA2010.pdf
  • Beyond Broadcasting, Boundaries, and Convergence: Challenging Opportunities and New Futures – BeyondBroadcasting2008.pdf
  • Ubiquitous, Dream, Transformational, and Other Futures – UbiquitousSociety2006.pdf
  • The New American Empire: National Security, Governance and the Role of the Media – MediaInAmEmpire2003.pdf
  • Every M.U.D. is an Allusion for Death — “Suddenly, I Didn’t Know What a Computer Was Anymore.” – EveryMUD1993.pdf
  • I Want My ITV – WantITV1991.pdf
  • EIES and Racter and Me – Computer Conferencing From a Pacific Island – EIESRacter1980.pdf


  • Communication Technologies and the Futures of Courts and Law – DatorHagueLaw.pdf
  • Futures and Trial Courts – FutTrialCourts2009.pdf
  • Judicial Foresight: Then, Now, and Tomorrow for the Hawaii Judiciary – HawaiiJudForesight2007.pdf
  • Real Men Don’t Go to Court: the Futures of ADR, then and Now – InternationalADR2002.pdf
  • Alternative Futures of Families, Communities and Courts – AltFutsFamilyCourts2002.pdf
  • Judicial Governance of the Long Blur – JudicialGovLongBlur2001.pdf
  • From “Parking” to “When the Courts of Justice Are Overgrown with Grass” — the Role of Courts in Society Now, and over the 21st Century – ParkingForShanghai1998.pdf
  • Judiciaries, Futures of US State – JudiciariesforEncyclopedia1996.pdf
  • How to Conduct a Futures Visioning Workshop – JudWorkshopTennessee1994.pdf
  • The Dancing Judicial Zen Masters: How Many Judges Does It Take to See the Future? – DancingJudZenMasters1994.pdf
  • Dowager Revisited – DowagerRevisited1994.pdf
  • Futures in the Virginia Judiciary: a Continuing Success Story – FutInVaJud1994.pdf
  • American State Courts, Five Tsunamis, & Four Alternative Futures – StCtsTsunamiAltFuts1993.pdf
  • Notes on “Social Policy Implications” for the Panel Discussion on Biotechnology and the Courts, “To Be or Not to Be” – BiotechinKansasCourts1992.pdf
  • Teleworking Justice – a Concept Paper – TeleworkingJustice1992.pdf
  • “Inventing the Future of Courts and Courts of the Future” — a Futurist’s Perspective – JudForesightCongress1991.pdf
  • When Crime Doesn’t Pay — Enough – CrimeDontPay1991.pdf
  • Culturally-appropriate Dispute Resolution Techniques and the Formal Judicial System in Hawaii – CultAppropAD1991.pdf
  • Twenty Minutes into the Future – VaCts20minInFut1989.pdf
  • For the Commission on the Future of Virginia’s Judicial System – FutVaCourts1987.pdf


  • What is the West? – West4Zia2014.pdf
  • Futures of Identity, Racism, and Diversity – FuturesIdentityRacism2003.pdf
  • Looking for Europe from the Outside – EuropeFromOutside1991.pdf
  • Initial Thoughts on the Futures of Cultures and Communication – CulturesCommunication1990.pdf
  • Some Futures for Cultures – FuturesCultures1986.pdf


  • From Leisure to Work to Dreams To…? – SmartWork2010.pdf
  • Op Ed Piece, or as a Letter to the Editor – ReBrewbaker2009.pdf
  • Discussion of Deregulation, Debt and Economic Collapse – DatorBibonEconomy2009.pdf
  • Two Comments on the Recent “Bailout” of Financial Institutions by the US Government – BailoutOct2008.pdf
  • Alternative Futures for Youth Tourism in Southeast Asia – AltFutTourismSEA2007.pdf
  • Mortgage Banking for the New American Empire, and Other Futures – Mortgage2003.pdf
  • The Last Supper of the Dinosaurs: Futures of Shopping Malls – Dinosaurs2001.pdf
  • The Last Supper of the Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus Rex Meets Pegasaurus – Shopcenter2000.pdf
  • A Labor of Love of Labor – LovenOfLabor1996.pdf
  • Linkages Between Work and Education? the Perspective of a Futurist –
  • LinkagesWorkEducaton1994.pdf
  • American State Courts, Five Tsunamis, and Four Alternative Futures – Courts1993.pdf
  • Tsunamis of Change – Tsunamis1992.pdf
  • Literacy and the Workplace 2000 – LiteracyAndWorkplace1992.pdf


  • Future Universities for Future Societies? – DatorFutRomaniaUniCritique2011.pdf
  • Education Fit for Future – ForICTInEducation2014.pdf
  • Campuses 2060: Four Futures of Higher Education in Four Alternative Futures Of Society – DatorCampuses2060.pdf
  • Alternative Educational Futures: Pedagogies for Emergent Worlds – QualityInAEF2008.pdf
  • Campus Futures – CampusFutures2006.pdf
  • Alternative Futures for Universities and Business – GlobalHR2006.pdf
  • Universities Without ‘Quality’ and Quality Without ‘Universities’ – QualityUniversities2004.pdf
  • The University’s Responsibilities to the Islands of Hawaii – UniResponsibilityIslands2002.pdf
  • Education for Futures – Ed4Futures2002.pdf
  • A Simple Question to the Graduates – Question2Graduates2001.pdf
  • Visions, Values, Technologies, and Schools – VisionsValuesTechSchools2000.pdf
  • The Last Supper of the Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus Rex Meets Pegasaurus – ShopCenters2000.pdf
  • UH Can Be Good, but Not Great – UHStarBulletin1999.pdf
  • The Futures of Universities: Ivied Halls, Virtual Malls, or Theme Parks? – IviedHallsVirtualMalls1998.pdf
  • Miner Thoughts – MinerThoughts1998.pdf
  • Continuing Education: the Future ‘Flagship’ of Higher Education? – ContinuingEdVsFlagships1996.pdf
  • In Whose Service is Perfect Freedom – ServiceIsFreedom1996.pdf
  • Linkages Between Work and Education? – WorkAndEducation1994.pdf
  • The College Classroom of the Year 2010 – Classroom2010-1993.pdf
  • Global Villages, Local Villages and the Futures of Tertiary Education – GlobalLocalVillage1992.pdf
  • Is There a Future for Public Education in Hawaii? – FuturePublicEd1991.pdf


  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future – DatorEndEnergySeminar2006.pdf
  • Doing Less with Less — and Loving It – DoingLessWithLess2008.pdf
  • Peak Oil Era Will Be Hard on Hawaii – PeakOilHawaii2006.pdf
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future – OnEnergyForPOSTSymp2006.pdf
  • Hawai’i Must Prepare Now for Oil Decline – HiPreparePeakOil2005.pdf


  • Hawaii 2060: Visioning Hawaii’s Adaptation to Climate Change – HRCFSSoP_Final_Report.pdf
  • From Earth Day 1970 to Earth Day 2010: Everything Forgotten; Nothing Learned, but Yet… – EarthDay1970-2010.pdf
  • Through a Brushwood Door: Should Korea Become a Conserver Society? – KoreaAsConserverSociety2009.pdf
  • 10 Things Every Korean Leader Must Know About Climate Change in the 21st Century; Plus Four Alternative Futures – ClimateChangeKoreanLeaders2008.pdf
  • For the Panel on “Sustainable Islands” – SustainableIslands2002.pdf
  • Earth Day, 2005 – EarthDay2005.pdf
  • Assuming ‘responsibility for Our Rose’ – AssumingResponsiblilty4Rose2004.pdf
  • What’s Un-Common About Comm-Unities? Past, Present, and Future – Comm-unities1998.pdf
  • Responsible for Your Rose – ItalianResponsible4Rose1997.pdf
  • Coming, Ready or Not: the World We Are Leaving Future Generations, and Our Responsibility Towards Them – ReadyorNot1995.pdf
  • Sea Level Rise and the Future of the Pacific Islands – SeaLevelRiseIslands1989.pdf


  • What Futures for Families? – FuturesFamilies2007.pdf
  • Families, Communities, and Futures – FamiliesCommunitiesFutures1994.pdf
  • Can Families Have a Future in America? – FamiliesFutures1992.pdf

Futures-Oriented Dissertations

  • Looking Ahead: The Ways Contemporary American Politicians Imagine the Future – David J. Brier (2011) – brier-dissertation.pdf
  • Futures Fluency: Explorations in Leadership, Vision, and Creativity – Wendy L. Schults (1995) – schults-dissertation.pdf

Future Generations

  • Future Generations: a Bibliography – FutureGenerationsBibliography2008.pdf
  • Caring for Future Generations – Caring4FutureGenerations2007.pdf
  • Future Generations: They Are Our Conscience – FutureGensOurConscience1999.pdf
  • Even Though Oxygen is Flowing, the Plastic Bag May Not Inflate: Normalcy, Survival, and Transformation of Future Generations – OxygenIsFlowing1994.pdf

Futures Studies

  • Delivering Tomorrow Logistics 2050 A Scenario Study – DHLSzenario2050.pdf
  • Designing a Foresight Exercise for the Future of Rural Communities in Romania – RuralFuturesRomania2011.pdf
  • Futures Studies – DatorFuturesStudies.pdf
  • Jim Dator – StarBulletinInterviewJan2010.pdf
  • Alternative Futures at the Manoa School – AltFuturesManoa2009.pdf
  • Zero Zone Theory and Futures Studies: Two Ridiculous Ideas? – ZeroZoneAndFS2009.pdf
  • Futures, Volume One and Two: Then and Now – FuturesVol1+2-2008.pdf
  • The WFSF and I – WFSFAndI2005.pdf
  • Teaching Futures Studies: Some Lessons Learned – TeachingFS2002.pdf
  • Futures Research and Decision Making: Examples and Reflections – ClosingTheDeal2001.pdf
  • ForecastsUseful2000.pdf
  • Y2K as a Futurist’s Dream – Y2KDream1999.pdf
  • A Fish In and Out of Water – FishOutOfWater1996.pdf
  • What Futures Studies Is, and is Not – WhatFSis1995.pdf
  • Dogs Don’t Bark at Parked Cars – DogsDontBark1993.pdf
  • Futures Studies and Sustainable Community Development – FSAndFuturistAttributes1993.pdf
  • Women in Futures Studies and Women’s Visions of the Futures — One Man’s Tentative View – WomenInFS1992.pdf
  • “The Future Has a Long Fuse” – FutureLongFuse1991.pdf
  • The Future Lies Behind! Thirty Years of Teaching Futures Studies – FutureLiesBehind1990.pdf
  • Some Sources (In English) for Thinking About the Future – FuturesBib1990s.pdf
  • Futures Research: a Second Look, and Yet Another Look Again – FutureResearch2ndLook1972.pdf
  • We Do Everything as Well as We Can: Script for a Multi-Media Presentation on Art and the Futures Studies – WeDoEverything1971.pdf

Futures Visions

  • Nonkilling Futures – Visions – DatorNonKillingfutures.pdf
  • What the Girl May Be Thinking – WhatGirlIsThinking2011.pdf
  • How Do You Research a Tsunami? Market Research at the End of an Era – ResearchingTsumani2010.pdf
  • 2000 Hawai`i Statewide Annual Drowning Prevention and Ocean Safety Conference – WaterSafetyFuts2000.pdf
  • As if I Virtually Said This to Pepsi Executives During a Futures Discussion at Their Headquarters – ToPepsiExs1997.pdf
  • Will You Surf the Tsunamis of Change? – SurfingTsunami1997.pdf
  • Who Will Design the Future from Owl Creek Bridge? – OwlCreek1995.pdf
  • Surfing the Tsunamis of Change – SurfingTsunamisMexico1994.pdf
  • De-Colonizing the Future – DecolonizingFuture1975.pdf
  • My World — and Welcome to It! – MyWorld1973.pdf
  • Joint Session of the Legislature of the State of Hawaii – JointLegislatureTalk1970.pdf

Futures Theories Methods

  • Communicating Power: Technological Innovation and Social Change in the Past, Present, and Futures – DatorTISJFSRpt.pdf
  • Technology as an Agent of Social Change – TechSocialChangeOutline2010.pdf
  • Next Generations: Reactives to Civics to Adaptives – NextGenForHTCA2010.pdf
  • Age-Cohort Analysis – AgeCohortAnalysis2009.pdf
  • Trend Analysis Vs Emerging Issues Analysis – TrendVsEIA2009.pdf
  • Alternative Futures for KWaves – AltFutsKWaves2006.pdf
  • From Tsunamis to Long Waves and Back – TsunamiTwoLongWaves1999.pdf
  • Some Hints on Writing Scenarios of Preferred Futures – WritingScenarios1994.pdf
  • Society as a Social Invention and You as a Social Inventor – SocialInventor1993.pdf
  • From Future Workshops to Envisioning Alternative Futures – FuturesWorkshops1993.pdf
  • Methods in Futures Studies – NotesOnMethods1985.pdf
  • Loose Connections: a Vision of a Transformational Society – LooseConnections1983.pdf


  • Futures of Sovereignty – DatorFutsSoverignty2012.pdf
  • Good Governance for Unsettled Futures – DatorIFTF Governance2012.pdf
  • Dream Society? Ubiquitous Society? No Society? Futures for Finland and the world as seen from a small Pacific Island – DatorUSocietyFutura.pdf
  • Where is the Locus of Authority within the Episcopal Church? – DatorAuthorityInChurch.pdf
  • To Editor of New York Times – ToEditorNYT2010.pdf
  • Governmental Foresight: of Course! – GovernmentForesight2009.pdf
  • Are We There Yet? – AreWeThereYetElection2008.pdf
  • Governing the Futures: Dream or Survival Societies? – GovernDreamOrSurvival2007.pdf
  • On Governing the End of the World (As We Know It) – GoverningEndofWorld2007.pdf
  • America as a Strong Nation with a Weak State — Additional Perspectives from Naomi Klein – OnNaomiKlien2007.pdf
  • Governing the Futures: Dream or Survival Societies? – GoverningFutures2007.pdf
  • Will America Ever Become a Democracy? – WillAmericaBecomeDemocracy2006.pdf
  • Administrative Reform in the United States: from Laissez-faire to Empire – AdministrativeReform2006.pdf
  • Technology and Political Design – TechAndPoliticalDesign2006.pdf
  • To Vote, or Not to Vote – ToVoteOrNot2006.pdf
  • Towards Quantum Politics – TowardsQuantumPolitics2006.pdf
  • On Explaining the Rise of Non-state Actors – NonStateActors2005.pdf
  • State of the State – StateofState2005.pdf
  • Newt and I and W – NewtAndIAndW2004.pdf
  • Structure Matters – StructureMattersInGovernment2004.pdf
  • Halfway There: An Interpretation of the 2004 Election – HalfwayThere2004Election.pdf
  • Chance in Dance and Politics – ChanceInDancePolitics2003.pdf
  • The Day “America” Changed for the World – DayAmericaChanged2003.pdf
  • Hawaii Legislators as Applied Futurists – LegislatorsAsFuturists2001.pdf
  • Forecasts Useful, Morally Right – ForecastsUseful2000.pdf
  • Newt’s Sweet Dreams – NewtsSweetDreams1995.pdf
  • The New World Economic Order: Implications for Insular Areas – NewWorldOrderAndIslands1994.pdf
  • What Futures for Governance? – WhatFutsGovenment1998.pdf
  • Emerging Trends in Democratic Participation – TrendsInParticipation1992.pdf


  • Tourism in Hawaii 1776-2076 – Dator-HawaiiTourism1776-2076_2014.pdf
  • Tourism in Hawaii 1776-2076: Futurist Jim Dator Talks with Ian Yeoman – FutTourismInterview2014.pdf
  • Why High Rises Now? – DatorWhyHighRisesNow.pdf
  • The Unholy Trinity, Plus One – UnholyTrinity2009.pdf
  • Challenges Facing Public Service Leadership in a World of Opportunities – ChallengesPublicService2009.pdf
  • After Independence, What’s Next? – AfterIndepenceWhat2008.pdf
  • Four Futures for Hawaii 2050 – FourFuturesHawaii2050-2006.pdf
  • A Brighter Day Tomorrow? – CaseAndAkaka2006.pdf
  • Envisioning Hawaii’s Futures, Then and Now – HawaiiFuturesThenNow2003.pdf
  • Hawaii State House Leadership Conversation – HawaiiStateHouseLeadership2001.pdf
  • On Just Saying NO! to West Oahu – NotoWestOahu2001.pdf
  • Pono Towards Future Generations – PonoTowardsFG2000.pdf
  • Four Futures for Hawaii – FourFuturesHawaii1999.pdf
  • Hawaii as a Starving Donkey (Or, Thoughts While Sitting on My Ass) – HawaiiAsADonkey1999.pdf
  • Hawaii 2000: Past, Present and Future – HI2KDBEDTReport1999.pdf
  • We Were Diverted, Not Warned – DivertedNotWarned1998.pdf
  • What Future for Media in Hawaii? – FutureMediaHawaii1995.pdf
  • Hawaiian Sovereignty: a Futurist’s Perspective – HawaiianSovereignty1994.pdf
  • “Introduction” to Ira Rohter’s Green Hawaii – IntroRohterGreenHawaii1992.pdf
  • “The 90s — the Make or Break Decade” – The90s-1990.pdf
  • Hawaii in 100 Years: Robots and Wealthy Outsiders – HawaiiIn100Years1988.pdf
  • Pluralism: Script for a Slide Show for Hawaii Girl Scout’s Convention – PluralismHawaiiGirlScouts1985.pdf


  • Futures of Japan — then and Now – FuturesJapan2003.pdf
  • Can We See the Us of the Year 2230 in the Japan of 1992? – USFutureInJapanPast1992.pdf
  • Forget Pearl Harbor! Remember the Maine! – ForgetPearlHarbor1991.pdf
  • Futures of Japan – FuturesJapan1990.pdf
  • The Japanese Diet in the 21st Century – JapanDiet21C1990.pdf


  • Korea as a Conserver Society – DatorSeoKoreaConserver.pdf
  • Science, Technologies, Policies and Futures – ScienceTechnologyPolicy2009.pdf
  • The Han River Flows from Earth to the Milky Way – HanRiverFromEarthToSpace2009.pdf
  • Through a Brushwood Door: Should Korea Become a Conserver Society? – KoreaAsConserverSociety2009.pdf
  • 10 Things Every Korean Leader Must Know About Climate Change in the 21st Century; Plus Four Alternative Futures – ClimateChangeKoreanLeaders2008.pdf
  • What Futures for Families? – FuturesFamilies2007.pdf
  • Korea as the Wave of a Future: the Emerging Dream Society of Icons and Aesthetic Experience – KoreaAWaveofFutures2004.pdf

Korea In Korean

  • FuturesStudiesKoreanFutures2010-11.pdf
  • KoreaArt2007.pdf
  • DongA2006.pdf
  • DongAmag2006.pdf
  • Munhwa2006.pdf
  • ScienceTimes2004.pdf


  • The Futures of Information, Literacy and Lifetime Learning: A Symphonic Meditation – InfoLiteracyLearning2006.pdf
  • Three True Stories and Their (Possible) Moral for the Future Of UH Libraries and Librarians – 3storiesLibraries1993.pdf

The Mānoa Journal of Half Fried Ideas

Occasional Paper 1 (August 1993)

  • Futures Studies and Sustainable Community Development (Jim Dator)
  • What Are the Greatest Challenges For Evolutionary Theory in Our Times? (Jan Huston)
  • Deconstructing Tourism: Unfamiliar Histories and Alternative Futures of Tourism (Sohail Inayatullah)
  • Tech Dreams (Jordi Serra)

Occasional Paper 2 (January 1994)

  • Technical Constraints or A Funny Thing Happened on Our Way to the Future (We Never got there) – (R. Scott Daniels)
  • Woman on the Edge of Time (Miriam Rosenthal)
  • Futures of Women: Women of the Future (Christopher B. Jones)
  • Feminist Fabulation: Challenging the Boundaries of Fact and Fiction (Debora Halbert)
  • Women in Futures Studies and Women’s Visions of the Future – One Man’s Tentative View (Jim Dator)
  • Sliding into Our Future – Provocation as a Path to Critical Futures Fluency (Wendy L. Schultz)

Occasional Paper 3 (May 1994)

  • The Soft Revolution (Gerard O’Neil)
  • Changing Japanese Employment Patterns and Women’s Participation – Anticipating the Implications of Employment Trends (Colleen M. Fox)
  • The Challenge of Unemployment (Stephen T. Boggs)
  • Linkages Between Work and Employment? (Jim Dator)
  • The Implications in the Nature of Work for Approaches to Education and Income Distribution in Canada (Sally Lerner)
  • A Scenario for the U.S. manufacturing Sector, circa 2040 (Thomas B. Carson)

Occasional Paper 4 (October 1994)

  • Introduction to Hawaii Scenarios (Wendy Schultz)
  • Office of State Planning Services
  • Too Local to be Global
  • 21st Century International Marketplace
  • Islands in the Mind: Pick Your Own Reality
  • Uncommon Alliances in Sovereign Hawai’is
  • Hawaii Community Service Council Scenarios
  • Old is Gold
  • Be Smart, Be Clean, Be Responsible
  • Putting the “Servant” Back in Public Servant
  • Green Day
  • The Bankrupt State
  • A New Spirit: The Hawaiian Nation (Adrianna Greenlees)
  • Alternative Scenarios for Health in Hawaii (Annette Gardner)
  • To Heal a Nation (Puhihau)

Occasional Paper 5 (January 1995)

  • The Sovereign Nation of Hawai’i (Ka’imiloa)
  • Health University (Annette Gardner)
  • Scenarios (Jody Schucart)
  • Imaging a New Day in Wai’anae (Poka Laenui)
  • Discussion of Sovereignty & the Hawaiian Economy (Poka Laenui)
  • Images of the Future: Selection from Hawaii Politics
  • Century Mark Retrospective (T. Stuart)
  • Business Driven by the Eternal (Kevin Yim)
  • The Kaua’i of the 21st Century (Bob Gearhart)
  • The Future of Hawai’i: Best Case Scenarios from a Sovereignty Activist’s Perspective (Lynette Cruz)
  • Hawaii in 100 Years: Robots and Wealthy Outsiders (Jim Dator)

Occasional Paper 6 (May 1995)

  • An Incomplete Debate on Space (numerous participants)
  • Thoughts from a Settlement on Mars (Kalani Chapman)
  • Arguments for the Creation of a Moon Archive (Jim Burke)

Occasional Paper 7 (August 1995)

  • An Overview of Four Futures Methodologies (Delphi, Environmental Scanning, Issues Management and Emerging Issues Analysis) – (Trudi Lang)
  • A Tale of Three Futurists (Alex Lowenthal)
  • Three Futurists (Rich Somerville)
  • L.A. 2022 (John Tunick)

Occasional Paper 8 (November 1995)

  • From Forges of Fire to the Creation of Life: Persistence in the Biotechnical Age (Dwanye Minton)
  • The Maverick Clans of the Valles Marineris (Richard Young)
  • A System of Indebtedness (Heather Stanton)
  • Social Change in a Postmarxist World (Mircea Boari)

Occasional Paper 9 (February 1997)

  • Delphi/Scanning Methodologies: A Electronic Futures Symposium (multiple authors)
  • The Future of Constitutional Monarchy: The North American Model 2030 A.D. (John Poast)
  • Continuing Education: The Future “Flagship” of Higher Education? (Jim Dator)
  • Buddhist Enlightenment & the Internet (David W. Chappell)
  • Harbingers: Books Notes, Reviews & Mini-Reviews (Vincent Kelly Pollard)

Occasional Paper 10 (February 1998)

  • Electronic Seminar: Visions of Cloning (numerous authors)
  • The Tao of Cloning (Dwanye Minton)
  • Two Futures of People with Disabilities (David Pfeiffer)
  • The Futures of Persons with Disabilities: Assuming the Future Perfect (Reply to Pfeiffer) – (Robin Brandt)
  • Harbingers (Vincent Kelly Pollard)

Occasional Paper 11 (June 1998)

  • Three Possible Futures of North Korea (Stephen Dwight Kiser)
  • The IPAT Equation, Global Modeling & the Search for Sustainable Development (Devin Nordberg)
  • Call for Reviews (Managing Editor)
  • Some Sources (in English) for Thinking about the Future (Jim Dator)


  • Campus 2060 – Campuses2060GHEFPpt.pdf
  • Four Futures for Six Ys – Dator4Futures6YMCA2014Ppt.pdf
  • Eleven Things Every Korean Must Know (and One Question) About Climate Change – Dator11ThingsKnoClimateChng2012Ppt.pdf
  • Alternative Futures for Intelligence Human and Artificial – DatorAltFutIntelligence.2008Ppt.pdf
  • From Leisure, to Work, to Dreams, to…? – DatorChosunIlboFutWork2010Ppt.pdf
  • The City Now? – DatorCitiesNow2014Ppt.pdf
  • Governmental Foresight? Of Course! – DatorForesightSIDS2014.pdf
  • The Alternative Futures Perspective of Higher Education – DatorFulbrightThaiAltFutEd2014Ppt.pdf
  • Governing as if Futures Generations Mattered – DatorFutGenKoreaGov2010Ppt.pdf
  • Futures of the Global Food Industry – DatorFutureFoodClusters2012Ppt.pdf
  • Futures Studies as a Global Activity – DatorFuturesStudiesConfucian2014PPT.pdf
  • Good Companies for Four Futures – DatorGoodCompany2014Ppt.pdf
  • History and Futures of Futures Studies – DatorHistoryFS2013Ppt.pdf
  • Governmental Foresight: Principles and Examples – DatorJudForesightSOIF2014Ppt.pdf
  • Limits to Growth and the Possibilities of Breakthrough – DatorKaistLTG2014Ppt.pdf
  • Suffering the Hallyu Towards Creative Futures – DatorKCulture2013Ppt.pdf
  • Clear Policies for Uncertain Futures – DatorSOPCertainPoliciesUncertainFutures2011Ppt.pdf
  • Dream Society? Ubiquitous Society? No Society? Futures for Finland and the World as Seen from a Small Pacific Island – DatorUSocietyFinn2012Ppt.pdf
  • Future Worlds: From the Information Society to the Dream Society – DatorYTNCreativeKorea2013Ppt.pdf

Presentation Scripts

  • Surfing the Hallyu Towards Creative Futures – DatorCreativeKoreaScript2013.pdf
  • Futures Studies as a Global Activity – DatorFSConfucianPptScript.pdf
  • From Leisure, to Work, to Dreams, to…? – DatorFutureWorkPptScript2010.pdf
  • Good Companies for Four Futures – DatorGoodCompPptScript.pdf
  • Limits to Growth and the Possibilities of Breakthrough – DatorKaistLTGPptScript.pdf
  • Future Worlds: From the Information Society to the Dream Society – DatorYTNCreativePptScript2013.pdf


  • Religion and War During the 21st Century – TenriReligionWar2007.pdf
  • Does Religion Have a Future? – FuturesReligion1994.pdf


  • Humans and Space: Stories, Images, Music and Dance – FarthestShoreChap2-2010.pdf
  • The Han River Flows from Earth to the Milky Way – HanRiverToMilkyWay2009.pdf
  • The International Space University, the University of Hawaii, and Hawaii’s Space Futures – HawaiiSpaceFutures2008.pdf
  • An Archive on the Moon – MoonArchive2006.pdf
  • Till the Ductile Anchor Hold: Towards Space Settlements in the 21st Century – DuctileAnchorSpace21C2006.pdf
  • Designing Governance Systems for Mars – GovernMarsOz2004.pdf
  • Beyond the ISS: the Future of Human Spaceflight – SomePowerSomePain2002.pdf
  • Mars or Bust! – MarsorBus2001.pdf
  • UH Students Settle on Mars!…and Other Adventures from the Future – UHonMars1998.pdf
  • Why Should We Care About Fossils on Mars? What Has a Martian Fossil Ever Done for Me? – MarsFossilsMe1997.pdf
  • Space, the Final Frontier? or the Finished Frontier? – FinalOrFinishedFrontier1995.pdf
  • Space Settlements and New Forms of Governance – GoverningSpaceSettlements1995.pdf
  • Politics is Everything – PoliticsEverything1995.pdf
  • Social Science and Space Programs – SocialScienceAndSpace1995.pdf
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Virginia Court Scans

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