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Further Investigations: Seafloor Features and Mapping the Seafloor

  1. One of the earliest advanced civilizations was in Egypt. What kind of geographical feature is prominent in Egypt and how might it have contributed to the Egyptian civilization?
  2. Hawai‘i has many beautiful islands, but the island with the largest population and center of commerce is O‘ahu. Is there a feature on O‘ahu that might explain why this has happened?
  3. Use a set of world maps, local maps, and globes to find an example of each of the features listed in Table 7.6.

  1. Construct a three-dimensional model of the Maug Islands shown in Fig. 7.34.

  1. Investigate how scientists found such famous sunken ships as the Titanic, Edmund Fitzgerald, and Lusitania.
  2. Investigate the Deep Sea Scattering layer and how it was discovered. How was its discovery related to tools used to study the sea floor?
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