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Voice of the Sea: Traditional Voyaging

Voice of the Sea highlights ocean research and careers. Voice of the Sea TV episodes are 30 minutes long, with online extensions of various length. All episodes are available through



Navigation and Traditional Sailing (TV Episode)

We meet traditional navigator Sesario Sewralur and traditional sailor Tim Gilliom and learn about finding your way across the ocean using only your senses. Find out more at

Navigating the Hōkūle’a (TV Episode)

In this episode we meet navigator of the Hōkūle’a Ka’iulani Murphy. She shows us the fabled canoe, and explains her role onboard. We also learn from navigator-in-training Jason Patterson. Find out more at

Polynesian Voyaging Canoes (TV Episode)

In this episode, we’re talking with voyaging canoe builders, navigators, and captains from Hawaii and Micronesia: Ka’iulani Murphy, Sesario Sewralur, and Tim Gilliom. These heroes share their stories and pass on knowledge to the next generation. Find out more at

Voyaging Experts Talk Story (TV Episode)

In this episode, we go onboard three historic voyaging canoes—the Hōkūle‘a, the Alingano Maisu, and the Moʻokiha o Piʻilani. We’ll learn about the equipment, materials, and crew members onboard to see what makes each canoe unique. Find out more at

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