As most of our work is online, it can be difficult to network with people through our screens. Even if the opportunity is presented, we often get stuck on what to say or how to present ourselves to others. 

I found an article from the Business Insider that shared a few tips that can help us when networking online. Here are some of my takeaways from that article:

Get to know them

Do your research before talking to them. This doesn’t mean to stalk someone and find out where they live. Don’t do that. Find things you share in common such as interests or groups. 

Add value BEFORE

Add value before you start asking. Gestures such as liking and commenting on photos, asking for their insight, and supporting projects are ways to add value before the big ask. 

Keep it short

In person, people can talk for hours. Digitally, it’s the opposite. Keep everything short and to the point. Make things easy to read and understand. 

Be clear

Avoid confusion when networking online. Messages can be easily misinterpreted. Be clear so people don’t need to “read between the lines.”  

For the original article, click here. For more tips and resources for networking virtually, visit these links: