John S. Stimson

Professor Emeritus, Biology

Population and community ecology of corals and reef fishes






Research Interests

My research is primarily concerned with the population and community ecology of reef animals, particularly corals, and can be divided into the following topics: The influence of the interactions between coral species on the diversity within coral communities;

  • The operation of the zooxanthellae--coral mutualism;
  • The influence of the interactions between corals and other organisms on the diversity within coral communities;
  • The process of succession in coral communities; and
  • The growth rates and morphology of corals.

At the present time a large part of my research is concerned with the competition between a macroscopic green alga and the reef building corals in Kaneohe Bay. In all these ecological studies, my approach has been a combination of field-observation, and field and laboratory experiments.

Selected Publications

Stimson J.,Sakai D., and Sembali H. 2002 Interspecific comparison of the symbiotic relationship in corals with high and low rates of bleaching-induced mortality. Coral Reefs 21:409-421.

Stimson J. Larned S.T. and Conklin E. 2001 Effects of herbivory,nutrient levels and introduced algae on the distribution and abundance of the invasive macroalga Dicyosphaeria cavernosa in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii Coral Reefs 19:343-357.

Stimson J. 1997 The annual cycle of density of zooxanthellae in the tissues of field and laboratory-held Pocil­lopora damicornis (Linnaeus) J Exp Mar Biol Ecol 214:35-48.