Jake Ferguson

Assistant Professor

Population Ecology, Statistical Ecology 



Snyder 414D


(808) 956-5472



Research Interests

Population Ecology, Statistical Ecology 

Selected Publications

Ferguson, J.M., McCartney, M.A., Blinick, N.S., Schroeder, L., Fieberg, J. (2019) Using distance sampling to estimate densities of Zebra Mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) in early-stage invasions. Freshwater Science

Ferguson, J.M., Hopkins, J.B. (2018) Integrating population abundance and diet data to improve inferences on food web dynamics. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 9 (6) pp 1581-1591.

Ferguson, J.M., Reichert, B.E., Fletcher, R.J., Jager, H.I., (2017) Detecting population-environment interactions with mismatched time series data. Ecology, 19 (11), pp 2813–2822.

Ferguson, J.M., Carvalho, F., Murillo-Garcia, O., Taper, M.L., Ponciano, J.M., (2016) An updated perspective on the role of environmental autocorrelation on animal populations. Theoretical Ecology Volume 9, Issue 2, pp 129–148.