Charles Birkeland

Graduate Affiliate Faculty

Coral reef ecology and management, marine community ecology






Research Interests

My research has been mainly on coral reef communities: 1) why some recover from damage by human activities and others do not; and 2) how coral reef resources should be managed. For the first topic, I’ve focused on the interactions of crustose coralline algae, coral recruitment and herbivorous fishes, and especially how these interactions are affected by overfishing and by nutrient input. For the second topic, I’ve focused on the biological characteristics and life histories of the targeted coral-reef species and on the nature of ecosystem processes of coral reefs. These aspects are both so different from those of other marine communities that the resources of coral reefs must be managed in a fundamentally different way.

Selected Publications

Birkeland C, Green A, Lawrence A, Coward G, Vaeoso M, Fenner D (2021) Different resiliencies in coral communities over ecological and geological time scales in American Samoa. Marine Ecology Progress Series 673: 55-68

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