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M9 Personnel

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M9.100 General

M9.101 Guidelines for Executive Evaluations (PDF)

M9.102 Executive Search Process (PDF)

Related Policies, Procedures and Guidelines:

Mānoa Human Resources

Automated Vacancy Report Instructions (PDF)

Board of Regents Policies

UH Systemwide Executive Policies

UH Systemwide Administrative Procedures

  • AP 9.005: University Executive Designations
  • AP 9.010: Reporting of Changes and Corrections of Employee's Personal Records
  • AP 9.025: Fair Information Practice (Confidentiality of Personal Records)
  • AP 9.030: State and Federal Posting Requirements (Revised)
  • AP 9.035: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • AP 9.041: Utilization of Volunteer Services of the University of Hawai`i
  • AP 9.060: 1977 Edition of the Faculty Handbook for Manoa and Hilo Campuses (Including Major Policies Affecting Faculty Relations in the Community Colleges and the University as a Whole) University of Hawaii, 1973 Interim Revision
  • AP 9.070: Executive/Managerial Personnel Policies
  • AP 9.075: Personnel Records - BOR Appointees
  • AP 9.080: Collective Bargaining Agreements Covering Civil Service Employees
  • AP 9.090: State of Hawaii Personnel Rules, Title 14, Administrative Rules, Department of Personnel Services, Subtitle 1
  • AP 9.091: HRS Chapter 89C, Adjustments for Civil Service Employees Excluded from Collective Bargaining
  • AP 9.110: Employment-Related Grievance Procedure for Persons (Including Applicants for Positions) Not Covered by Collective Bargaining Agreement Grievance Procedures or Other Applicable Procedures
  • AP 9.130: Procedures for Taking Disciplinary and Discharge Actions for Civil Service and Non-Civil Service Employees
  • AP 9.140: Internal Complaint Procedure for Civil Service Employees Complaints Related to the Civil Service System
  • AP 9.160: University Employee Training
  • AP 9.170: Performance Evaluation of Administrative, Professional and Technical (APT) Personnel
  • AP 9.180: Service and Retirement Awards
  • AP 9.190: University Employee Perquisites
  • AP 9.195: Establishment of New Positions and Abolishment of Positions
  • AP 9.205: Salary Schedules for Faculty Personnel
  • AP 9.210: Classification and Compensation Plan for Administrative, Professional and Technical (APT) Personnel
  • AP 9.220: Lump Sum Payment of Prorated Salary upon Termination
  • AP 9.230: Maximum Additional Compensation (Overload) Rates for Board of Regents Personnel
  • AP 9.235: Administrative Stipends for Department Chairs, Special Program Directors, and Chairs of Academic Subdivisions
  • AP 9.240: Record of Outside Employment
  • AP 9.260: Procedures for Maintenance of the Executive and Managerial Classification System
  • AP 9.290: Annual Review of Civil Service Position Descriptions
  • AP 9.300: Position Descriptions for Civil Service Personnel
  • AP 9.310: Temporary Assignments for Civil Service Employees
  • AP 9.325: Political Activity
  • AP 9.330: Flexible Working Hours Program for Civil Service Employees
  • AP 9.335: Employment of Relatives
  • AP 9.350: Application for Transfer of Vacation and Sick Leave Credit or Payment in Lieu of Vacation
  • AP 9.360: Leaves of Absence for Pregnancy Related Disabilities
  • AP 9.365: Special Benefits for ERS Members on Military Leave without Pay
  • AP 9.370: Retirement System Contributions While on Unpaid Professional Improvement or Educational Leave
  • AP 9.380: Vacation and Sick Leave System
  • AP 9.390: Vacation Credit Fund Transfer
  • AP 9.400: Guidelines for Sabbatical Leaves for Faculty
  • AP 9.410: Intergovernmental Service
  • AP 9.420: Leave without Pay for BOR Personnel
  • AP 9.430: Professional Improvement Leaves for APT Personnel
  • AP 9.460: Sabbatical Leaves for Regular Civil Service Employees
  • AP 9.470: Leave Sharing Program
  • AP 9.480: Casual Appointments
  • AP 9.485: Filling of Vacant Position
  • AP 9.490: Orientation for New Employees
  • AP 9.520: Tuberculosis Clearance
  • AP 9.550: Appointment of Graduate Assistants
  • AP 9.560: Appointment of Lecturers and Cooperating Teachers/Counselors
  • AP 9.570: Appointment Procedure for Board of Regents Personnel
  • AP 9.580: Employment of Employees' Retirement System (ERS) Retirants
  • AP 9.590: Instructions for the Processing of the Notification of Personnel Action, Standard Form (SF-5B)
  • AP 9.600: Joint Appointments between the University of Hawai`i and the East-West Center
  • AP 9.610: Immigration Classifications for Employment of Foreign Nationals
  • AP 9.620: Recruitment and Reassignment of Executive and Managerial Personnel
  • AP 9.640: Work Schedule Disclosure Form
  • AP 9.650: Exchange of Faculty with Other Institutions
  • AP 9.660: Civil Service Type Positions for Federally Funded Projects
  • AP 9.670: Employment of Personnel during Vacations
  • AP 9.680: Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
  • AP 9.685: E-Verify Program
  • AP 9.690: Health Fund Benefits
  • AP 9.700: ERS Service Credit for Previous Military Service
  • AP 9.710: Prescription Safety Glasses
  • AP 9.720: Workers' Compensation
  • AP 9.730: Workplace Non-Violence Campus Procedures
  • AP 9.740: Tax Deferred Annuity Program (TDA)
  • AP 9.750: University of Hawai`i Safety and Health Program
  • AP 9.751: Recording Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
  • AP 9.760: Procedures for Subsidizing Parking
  • AP 9.761: Pre-Tax Qualified Parking Benefit Plan
  • AP 9.770: State of Hawaii Temporary Disability Benefits Plan for Civil Service Employees Covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • AP 9.771: State of Hawaii Temporary Disability Benefits Plan for Non-Bargaining or Excluded Employees
  • AP 9.775: Employee Assistance Program
  • AP 9.780: Reporting of and Actions Required upon the Death of a University Employee
  • AP 9.800: Unemployment Insurance Law
  • AP 9.810: Personnel Exit Questionnaires
  • AP 9.820: Procedures for Accepting Resignation or Retirement
  • AP 9.830: Layoff of APT Employees Included in the Bargaining Unit
  • AP 9.840: Work Force Reduction
  • AP 9.860: Policies and Procedures on Student Grievances
  • AP 9.880: Policies and Procedures on Student Employment
  • AP 9.890: Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Program
  • AP 9.895: EEO/AA Glossary
  • AP 9.900: Policy and Complaint Procedure for Members of the Public Who Have Discrimination Complaints Regarding Public Accommodations or ADA Complaints Regarding Disability Access to University Services, Programs, and Activities
  • AP 9.910: Reporting Procedure for Employment Discrimination Complaints
  • AP 9.920: Discrimination Complaint Procedures for Employees, Students, and Applicants for Employment or Admission