The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is a recipient (one of a total of nineteen universities in the nation) of the U.S. Department of Education’s Title VI Foreign Language and Area Studies grant for East Asia.


Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships East Asia.  FLAS fellowships, academic year and summer, are federally funded academic scholarships designed to provide support and funding to undergraduate and graduate students studying the languages and cultures of East Asia.



1) Must be a U.S. citizen, national, or permanent residents.

2) Enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate program at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and studying an eligible East Asian language (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) during the award period.

3) Have demonstrated financial need (filled out FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and agreed to share results with FLAS selection committee).

4) For Chinese and Japanese, must take advanced (3rd year or higher) level language courses.

5) For Korean, must take intermediate (2nd year or higher) level language courses. Exception may be made for beginning level Korean language graduate students who have achieved advanced proficiency in another EA language.

6) For academic year fellowship, must take at least one language course and a matching area studies course each semester.

7) For summer fellowship, must enroll in a formal intensive language training program with 120 hours of instruction at advanced level, or 140 hours of instruction at lower levels, for a period of 6 weeks or longer.


Fellowship includes:

1) Summer FLAS awards.  Both undergraduate and graduate students receive the same level of funding.  Actual tuition cost of no more than $5000.  Stipend of $2500.

2) Academic Year awards (two semesters).  An undergraduate student receives a $5000 stipend plus tuition support of no more than $10,000.  A graduate student receives a $15,000 stipend and tuition support of no more than $18,000.


To apply:

Go to the UH scholarship online site www.star.hawaii.edu/scholarship and search for FLAS East Asia.  The deadline is Feb. 1st (date of deadline may change annually due to the 1st falling on a weekend).


Questions?  Contact:  Dr. Chizuko Allen, SPAS Fellowships Coordinator, chizuko@hawaii.edu, Moore Hall 416B, telephone (808) 956-2210, fax (808) 956-6345.

FLAS Academic Year 2021-2022 Recipients


Adriana Choi, BA Chinese and BBA Business

Hannah Cremmins, BA Chinese and BA Public Health

Mizuki Hassell, MA Asian Studies

Nam Yamprai, MA Asian Studies


Liv Peralta, BA Japanese

Adrian Abraham, MA Asian Studies

Nathan J. Muller, MA Asian Studies

Griffin Werner, PhD Philosophy


Mariah Abdelfattah, BA Korean

Glen Hill, BA Korean

Jamie Hartford, MA Korean

Katharine Lawrence, MA Korean

Andrew Filson, PhD Music

FLAS Summer 2021 Recipients


Michael S. Dufresne, PhD Philosophy

Anna E. Backus, BA Chinese

Hannah J. Cremmins, BA Chinese & Public Health

Jeffrey G. Otto, MA Second Language Studies & Asian Studies

Robert A. Hernandez, MAIA Asian Studies


Griffin B. Werner, PhD Philosophy (photo)

“With the Summer FLAS Fellowship, I was able to study Advanced Japanese at the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies. At UH, I study 20th century German, French, and Japanese philosophy with a focus on the intersections among existentialism, political philosophy, and Zen Buddhism.”


Ashley A. Pak, BA & BS, Korean & Computer Science

Michelle L. Bradley, BA, Korean (photo)

“I am studying Korean Over the summer I am learning how to express my opinions on complicated topics such as unification. I will continue my Korean studies in the fall!”

Kristen D. Campbell, BA Korean (photo)

“This summer I took the Korean 305 accelerated course where we learned various aspects of Korean culture, address terms and interpersonal relationships, customs and superstitions, as well as the history of the Japanese colonial period. Although this course is very fast-paced and dense in information, it challenged me to become a better Korean speaker, writer, reader, and listener.”

Makayla R. Ramos, BA Korean & German (photo)

“This summer I took 3 classes: KOR 401, 402, and HIST 330, which was a history class on North Korea. Through these classes I personally have found it interesting to find similarities and differences in Korea and Germany, in terms of things like food, history, and unification. Things that seem completely different still have some similarities; Other seemingly similar things being more different that I previously thought.”

Vivian H. Diep, BA Korean

Matthew T. Eteuati, BA & BBS, Korean & Finance (photo)

“Over the summer, I have studied Korean through summer courses (KOR 401 and 402) and online tutoring sessions offered by my Major.  The tutoring sessions included both personal and group sessions. Both of which solidified the topics learned in class while also providing me with new perspectives and depth.”

Past recipients