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Hawaiʻi Substance Use Professional Development

The Hawaiʻi Substance Use Professional Development (SUPD) Program is a partnership between the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Thompson School of Social Work and Public Health and the Department of Health Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) to examine the current state of the substance use workforce in Hawaiʻi and address its training needs.

Substance Use Workforce Development Needs

Assessing Hawaiʻi’s current workforce needs and developing a State Plan focused on prevention, treatment, and recovery with an emphasis on the importance of cultural grounding and competence.


Providing training opportunities for substance use professionals and developing a curriculum addressing the determined workforce needs. 


Visit our Training Page to view our upcoming trainings!

Hawaiʻi SUPD Guiding Values and Principles


It is a priority for Hawaiʻi SUPD to entrust and develop our existing pool of expertise in Hawaiʻi.  Increasing and empowering our local pool of experts reduces our reliance on outside entities and prolongs the impacts of our efforts.

Culturally and Community Informed

Hawaiʻi has unique communities with specific needs. With many practices not representing Hawaiʻi’s diverse population, whenever possible, frameworks that are founded and cultivated in Hawaiʻi are imperative to addressing the needs of our communities. Advanced and innovative trainings need to integrate the cultural histories and legacies of our communities.


All “best practices” started as “alternative practices.”  Hawaiʻi SUPD is committed to providing trainings on practices that are shown to work and are promising, but not yet classified as evidence-based practices, such as those that are culturally based.

Streamlining of Credentialing Processes

Organizing and streamlining the certification process through the electronic tracking of requirements and creating a more efficient Substance Use Continuing Education (CE) approval process for training sponsors and individuals

Substance Use CE Approvals

Prior to submitting a request for Continuing Education, please review the Policy and Procedure for Obtaining ADAD Approval for Continuing Education for Trainings

If you are a trainer (course sponsor, agency, or organization) seeking to certify your training or conference for Continuing Education (CE), complete and submit your proposal here →

If you are an individual trainee seeking Continuing Education (CE) for a training or conference that you plan to attend, complete and submit your proposal here

For more information about CE approval for a training or conference you attended in the past, please email

Frontline Staff Survey

University of Hawaiʻi Thompson School Faculty

Cliff Bersamira, PhD, AM

Principal Investigator

Rebecca Stotzer, PhD, MS, MSW

Co-Principal Investigator

Meripa Godinet, PhD, MSW


Mike DeMattos, PhD, MSW


Robin Arndt, MSW, LSW


Hawaiʻi SUPD Staff

Maisha Amare-Herrera, LSW

Program Coordinator

Jina Uyeda, MA, LMFT, CSAC

Program Associate

Ashley Nelson, MSW

Program Associate

Brendan Joanou, BA

Graduate Assistant

Faizah Shyanguya, BS

Graduate Assistant

Samar Faison

Student Assistant

Peyton Reynolds

Student Assistant

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