“The modules do a great job of breaking down, step by step, what I can do to check in with my physical, mental, and emotional space, while also providing steps to mitigate any negative effects of them.” unknown”

“I really enjoyed the mix of video audio and text. It is one of the most effective trainings I’ve participated in online.” unknown

“A truly beautiful and informative program, I enjoyed it very much and found it to be very helpful!”- unknown

“I really loved this, particularly some of the way to frame things…domesticating the mind was a phrase I kept coming back to.” – SOW Ag Mentor. Kohala, HI

“Thank you for taking the time to put this together. It was super helpful to have ag specific examples.” – SOW Ag Mentor,. Maui, HI

“The content had some aspects that were reminders of things I’ve learned in professional and personal life, but also introduced content that was new to me. I.e. some of the physical symptoms of stress, things that can be particularly difficult for ag producers, the correlation btwn choice and core values.” – SOW Ag Mentor. Kohala, HI

“It was powerful hearing from other farmers their struggles and how they made changes in their lives.” – unknown

“This training was informative. I appreciate the local resources shared at the end, and I liked how this training elaborated on the first.” – SOW Ag Mentor. Kohala, HI

“Videos were helpful at understanding cultural and universal mental health factors in agriculture.” – SOW Ag Mentor. Oʻahu, HI

“Timely for the needs of our island communities”. – SOW Ag Mentor. Maui, HI

“Mahalo for providing this extremely important program!!!” – SOW Ag Mentor. Kauai, HI

“Thank you so much for this very important training. The instructors were excellent and I will use the skills learned forever!” – SOW Ag Mentor. Maui, HI

“This is an amazing program”. – SOW Ag Mentor. Oʻahu, HI

“I think this is an extremely valuable and well-run program.” – SOW Ag Mentor. Hilo, HI

“Absolutely loved the training. I learned so much and feel better equipped to help farmers and all humans!”- SOW Ag Mentor. Oʻahu, HI

“Really engaging and meaningful training. I especially liked the live sessions in which we could meet each other and hear from professionals. I also am really inspired by the Cool Ming trainings — the content was presented so well.” – SOW Ag Mentor. Kohala, HI

“This was an amazing program and needs to continue. We need more people to be aware of the importance of good mental health and how to to identify indicators in your peers.”- SOW Ag Mentor. Oahu, HI

“The training was a great experience and I look forward to serving the community.”- SOW Ag Mentor. Puna, HI

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