Student Research

People who inject drugs and HIV crisis in Pence's Indiana: A media analysis using two policymaking theories

Military-Tailored Yoga for Veterans with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

"I Need my Own Place to get Better": Patient Perspectives on the Role of Housing in Potentially Preventable Hospitilizations

Strategies to Increase Filipino Americal Participation in Cardiovascular Health Promotion: A Systematic Review

Equitable Access to Abortion Care in Hawai‘i: Identifying Gaps and Solutions

Risk and Protective Factors of Alcohol Use Identified by Community Providers and Stakeholders in Hawai‘i: Qualitative Data Analysis

Comparing Birth Outcomes in Hawai‘i between US and Foreign-Born Women

Should There Be a Disclosure Mandate for Physicians Caring for Perinatally Infected Adolescents Who Don’t Know Their HIV Serostatus?

End-of-Life Preferences Among College Students

In What Ways are Hawaii's HIV Prevention Services Engaging Gay Male Couples and Using Technology?

MPH Capstones and MS Thesis Work

Epidemiology (MPH)

  • Evaluation of Hawai‘i's Influenza Surveillance System
  • Pharmacy Access to the Emergency Contraceptive Ulipristal Acetate in Major Cities Throughout the United States
  • Survival in Colorectal Cancer Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in the Multiethnic Cohort
  • An Analysis of Trace Elements in Macroalgae in the Sargasso Sea
  • Identifying risk and protective factors of conduct disorder symptoms in Hawai‘i high school students
  • A Cross-Sectional Study of the Association between Betel Nut Chewing and Cardiovascular Disease in Guam: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2012-2014
  • Prevalence of History of Intimate Partner Violence among Perinatal Patients in a Hawai‘i Community Health Center
  • Risk difference between overweight and abdominal obesity of hyperglycemia among adults in Yuhuan county: a cross-sectional study
  • The Prevalence of Hepatitis B Core Antibody in a Medically Underserved Foreign-Born Asian and Pacific Islander Population in Hawai‘i: A Cross-Sectional Study
  • Association Between Short Interpregnancy Intervals and Birth Weight and Gestational Age at a Federally Qualified Health Center in Hawaii; A Retrospective Cohort Study
  • Cohort study of the relationship between contraceptive method given at first abortion and risk of repeat abortion: A survival analysis
  • A Descriptive Epidemiologic Study on Medical Marijuana Users in Hawai‘i

Epidemiology (MS)

  • “Dump the Plump": A 5-year Hawai‘i Department of Health Worksite Wellness Program
  • Exploring the odds of diabetes and physical activity as an effect modifier in the Kohala Research Project: A Multi-Ethnic secondary data analysis of a cross-sectional study
  • BMI change and all-cause mortality in middle-age and older population
  • The Association of Violence on Educational Achievement Within the Iraqi Population Through 2003-2010
  • The Association of Significant Depressive Symptoms on the Risk of Falls: A Prospective Cohort Study from the Health and Retirement Study

Health Policy and Management (MPH)

  • Ho'okuakahi: A white paper to inform Native Hawaiian health policy recommendations for ho'oponopono 
  • A Comprehensive Needs Assessment for Family Planning in Syringe Exchange Program Participants
  • Implications of State-Specific Insurance Coverage for Abortion and Characteristics of Private, Public, and Self-Pay Abortion Patients in Hawai‘i
  • Barrier Analysis of Zika Prevention Behavior in Nejapa, Nicaragua
  • Policy Analysis of Prediabetes Prevention Options
  • Meeting Physical Activity Guidelines by Walking in Older Adults from Three Middle-Income Countries
  • Life-course violence experiences associated with early menopause among women from the International Mobility in Aging Study
  • Policy Analysis of Paid Family Leave Options in Hawaiʻi
  • All-Payer Claims Database (APCD): An In-Depth Analysis of State Legislation
  • TelAbortion in Hawai‘i: A Cost Analysis
  • Commuter Options; Maintaining Independence for Older Adults in Honolulu

Native Hawaiian and Indigenous Health (MPH)

  • Ke Ola o ka 'ai: The relationship of food to Native Hawaiian well-being
  • A Physical Therapy Perspective: Improving Health Outcomes Using a Culturally Based Framework for Native Hawaiian Other Pacific Islanders and Native American/Alaska Native Populations; BRFSS Analysis
  • Aina Momona: Building Public Health Programs on a Hawaiian Perspective
  • Hoʻomana a ola: Empowering Young Native Hawaiian Women to Thrive Using a Culturally Based Framework
  • Addressing Mental Health of Indigenous Students on College Campuses through Indigenizing Spaces
  • Cultural Practices Improve Health for Native Moms and Babies
  • Diabetes Navigation For Pacific Peoples: A Family-Centered Approach

Social and Behavioral Health Sciences (MPH)

  • Health literacy in a social context: a metanarrative review
  • Striving for Health Equity in the Built Environment: A Focus on Public Space
  • Youth and Food Insecurity: How Participatory Action Research Can Empower a Generation
  • Best Practices for Working with LGBTQ Youth: A Literature Review
  • Mālama Ho‘omana‘o Mau: Navigating Towards the health of Native Hawaiian women through a canoe-based program
  • Brain Station: Providing Educational Opportunities for the Children and Kapi`olani Medical Center for Women & Children
  • Using Social Media Best Communication Practices for Healthier University Students
  • A Systematic Review of Reproductive Life Planning Interventions
  • Identifying Risk and Protective Factors of Sex Trafficking in Hawai‘i From the Perspective of Service Providers
  • Adolescents in Hawaii: The Risk Factors and Resiliency Assets of High School Dropout
  • Acting FAST in the Event of a Stroke and Future Directions: A Systematic Review
  • The Junior Corps Leaders Summer Program: Building a Career Pipeline to Support the Healthcare Workforce

PhD - Epidemiology

  • Cognitive Disease, Metabolic Disease, and Inflammation in the Honolulu Asia Aging Study: Connecting the dots between Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and Fibrinogen
  • Comparison of Behavioral and Sexual Networking Risks Among Patients with Syphilis or Gonorrhea: The Social and Sexual Network (SSN) Study, Baltimore
  • The Impact of Weight Status Perception on Perceived Risk for Diabetes and Diabetes Screening
  • Prevalence, Patterns, and Outcomes of Opioid Use by Injured Workers in Tennessee

PhD - Public Health

  • An Exploration of Resilience among Native Hawaiians
  • The effects of early life factors on elder physical activity disparities in high and middle income countries
  • Yoga for Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Addressing Filipino American Cardiovascular Health Disparities in Hawai'I
  • Community Health Worker Certificate Program Evaluation
  • Informing the Process of the Collective-Efficacy-Mechanism-to-Action Model through Analysis of a Multilevel, Multisite Intervention: The Children’s Healthy Living Program