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Research and Reading Groups


  • Experimental Approaches to Theoretical Syntax (EATS) Lab

The EATS lab is a virtual research lab of the Department of Linguistics at University of Hawai’i at Mānoa (UHM).  The lab has been established by and for students and faculty members at UHM who approach theoretical and empirical issues in syntax and its interfaces with the other modules of grammar through experimental methods, such as acceptability judgment and truth-value judgment tasks.

Email Dr. Shin Fukuda to join the listserv and visit the lab’s website for more info.

  • Studies in Phonology (SIP)

Studies in Phonology (SIP) is a group for reading and discussing literature on topics that are of current and growing interest in phonology and its intersecting fields. This reading group is open to all students and faculty, and each semester is organized around a theme. Our theme for the Fall 2023 semester was Sound Symbolism.

Faculty Advisor: Shelece Easterday

  • Language Acquisition Reading Group (LARG)

The Language Acquisition Reading Group provides members with opportunities to present, discuss, and receive feedback on acquisition related research at any stage. We read and discuss current publications in the field, as well as hold workshops to fine-tune abstracts, posters, and presentations.

The LARG is a research group intended to foster and develop research in first or second language acquisition, as well as
related issues such as first language attrition and aphasia. All theoretical approaches are welcome, though there is an emphasis on research in the linguistic/psycholinguistic tradition. The LARG provides graduate students with an opportunity to receive feedback on research, either before or after data collection.

Email to join the listserv with your full name and departmental affiliation (e.g., Linguistics, SLS, or EALL)

Faculty advisor: Kamil Deen
Meeting schedule: Fridays at 2:00pm, Moore 575

  • IDEAL (Initiative for Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism in Linguistics)

IDEAL is a group of linguistics graduate students and faculty at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa who are committed to working towards a more holistic approach to language-based academia by decolonizing common rhetorics and epistemologies. Our goal is to help linguists center language users and avoid extractive practices in their research, and to take concrete actions towards linguistic justice within our department and beyond.

Email to join the listserv.

Faculty advisor: Andrea Berez-Kroeker
Meeting schedule: Varies throughout the semester

  • In-Group

*Currently not available due to Dr. Drager’s absence*

The In-Group is comprised of graduate students and faculty at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa who are interested in Sociolinguistics. Using a wide variety of methods, we work together on projects which investigate the relationship between language and society and the use of language in society.

Faculty Advisor: Katie Drager
Meeting schedule: Every other Friday at 3:30pm, behind Jefferson Hall, overlooking the Japanese Gardens. [Map]

  • Da Pidgin Coup

Da Pidgin Coup stay one biweekly meeting group for people who stay interested in Hawaii Creole English. We talk story about stuff people stay working on and other issues of interest to creolists.

Click here to register in advance for the meeting.   Email Dr. Christina Higgins to join the listserv.

  • Quantitative Research Discussion Group

Quantitative Research Discussion Group will meet biweekly as a space to present your incomplete, in-progress research ideas and get feedback from faculty and peers.   We welcome projects at all levels, even that idea you’ve just barely started thinking about. Other sessions will include discussions on different research methods and workshops.

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 934 4230 2329
Passcode: Quant

Faculty Advisors: Amy Schafer (LING) & Dan Isbell (SLS)

  • Austronesian Circle

The Austronesian Circle of the Linguistics Department at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa serves as a platform where interested individuals have regular meetings to discuss various issues and aspects of Austronesian linguistics. Every meeting usually includes one or two presentations plus Q&A and discussion. Students can benefit from both the general diversity of the student members and the expertise of the faculty.

For more information contact Clemens Mayer.

Faculty Advisor: Brad McDonnell

  • Critical Pedagogy/Applied Linguistics (CPL) Group

The CPL is a student-led group that aims to explore the concept of critical pedagogy (CP), and discuss its application in various language learning environments. By reading articles and sharing our thoughts, we deepen our understanding of CP.  Our meetings are relaxed and informal – usually held biweekly.

Email Milang Shin to join the listserv.

Kumu Isaiah Burch at Austronesian Circle

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