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Self-directed Study Classes


Unit Mastery Classes – Online+Asynchronous

Linguistics 102, 105 and 150B (limited sections) are offered in the Unit Mastery (self-directed) format, which differs from the structure of traditional lecture-based courses. In Unit Mastery there are no arranged class meetings, lectures or homework assignments. Instead, students study the materials on their own, and then take a series of quizzes throughout the semester which determines their overall comprehension of the materials and final grade.

This format requires as much effort on the student’s behalf as a traditional class; still, there are advantages to enrolling in Unit Mastery courses. Unit Mastery provides a flexible schedule where students can work, more or less, at their own pace. Students involved in official university extracurricular activities find the flexibility of the course appealing. Others are attracted to this format because it is possible to finish the course with an ‘A’ well before finals begin. Last, due to its design, Unit Mastery courses aid students in developing critical reading and time management skills early on in their studies, both of which are necessary for a successful academic career.

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The following courses are available as Unit Mastery courses:

  • Linguistics 102 – Introduction to the Study of Language

This course provides students with an initial opportunity to examine language from an analytical and scientific point of view. Students will learn that there are many misconceptions about language, its development, structure and use. As the course progresses students often reevaluate their own conceptions about language as they learn how it is integrated within cognition, culture, history, and society.  Linguistics 102 is a writing-intensive (WI) course and students will receive WI credit upon successful completion of the course requirements. The course is offered in both a traditional lecture format and through the Unit Mastery program.


  • Linguistics 105 – Language Endangerment, Globalization & Indigenous Peoples

This is an introductory course that focuses on language endangerment, globalization, and indigenous peoples. Many of us in Hawai’i are familiar with the endangerment and then subsequent revitalization efforts for Hawaiian. Still, few understand that this is a global issue, not only a local one. In fact, there are around 7,000 languages in the world, and some linguists estimate that as many as half of these will become extinct by the end of this century. Therefore, the purpose of this course is to expose students to this gravity of this phenomenon on a global scale. Students will be introduced to case studies on language endangerment and revitalization from around the world and throughout history, from the viewpoints of both indigenous speakers and outsiders.Linguistics 105 has been designated as a Foundation Global course, and students will receive FG(B) credit upon successful completion of the course requirements.

  • Linguistics 150B – Language in Hawaiʿi and the Pacific

This is an introductory course in linguistics that focuses on the languages in Hawai’i and the Pacific and their relationships with culture, history,and the environment. This course is particularly concerned with how language can be used to highlight the connections between local and native Hawaiian culture and other cultures of the Pacific.The topics covered in this course include the Polynesian migration route, language ecology, language endangerment and revitalization, language in religion, and language in education and government, among others. Linguistics 150B satisfies both the HAP (Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues) and DS (Diversification-Social Sciences) requirements.

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