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Andrew Cheng

Professor Cheng has multiple papers published

Professor Andrew Cheng has had multiple papers published or accepted for publication in recent months:

Jeon, L. & Cheng, A. (Forthcoming). American English phonology. In K. Bolton (Ed.) Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of World Englishes.

Cheng, A., McClay, E. , Yeung, H. (2023). An exploration of voice quality in mothers speaking Canadian English to infants. Language Learning and Development.

Garza, J. , Lee, C. , Cheng, A., & Ànand, A. (2023). Asian American Racialization and Model Minority Logics in Linguistics. In W. Wolfram, A. H. Charity Hudley, & G. Valdés (Eds.) Language and Social Justice in the USA.Daedalus, Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 152(3), 130-146.

Cheng, A. (2023). Second Dialect Acquisition “in real time”: Two longitudinal case studies from YouTube. American Speech, 98(2), 194-224.

APLV-23009 (Asia-Pacific Language Variation) “Variation in Asian and Pacific Islander North American English: What the patterns of scholarship demonstrate about race in Sociolinguistics”. by Andrew Cheng; Lauretta Cheng; Wilkinson Daniel Wong Gonzales; Pocholo Umbal.

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