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Louward Zubiri

Multiple honors for Louward Zubiri

Congratulations to PhD student Louward Zubiri on multiple news items:

Louward was part of the Philippine panel at the 7th International Conference on Language and Education in Bangkok, Thailand. This conference was organized by the Asia-Pacific Multilingual Education Working Group, UNESCO Bangkok, UNICEF EAPRO, Mahidol University, and various other institutions. His presentation entitled, “From Documentation to Policy and Planning: The Role of Child Language Research in the Philippines” talked about the necessity and urgency of child language documentation in the Philippine context. In addition, one of the key outcomes of the conference is the Bangkok Priorities for Action on First Language-based Multilingual Education, endorsed by the education ministerial representatives of 20 Asia-Pacific countries that participated at the 4th High Level Policy Forum on Multilingual Education during the 7MLE conference. This document is a follow-up that lists out the priorities for action of the 2019 Bangkok Statement on Language and Inclusion.

in collaboration with local partners from Mangyan communities, Louward has authored a book chapter titled “Developing Materials for Endangered Indigenous Scripts in the Philippines: Lessons from Mindoro.” This contribution can be found in Chapter 18 of “Teaching and Learning Resources for Endangered Languages,” published by Brill.

On September 20th, 2023, the Asian Division of the Library of Congress hosted a virtual panel discussion on Mangyan scripts, literary heritage, and collections. Louward was part of the invited panel, featuring speakers from the Mangyan Heritage Center, Inc., the Newberry Library, the Library of Congress, and a curatorial affiliate at the Yale Peabody Museum.

Louward was also the recipient of the following awards in 2023:

– Dr. Teresita V. Ramos Endowment for Philippine Languages, Literature, and Culture from the SEED Initiative for Diversity, Equity, Access and Success

– Graduate Student Organization Research Award from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

– Paula Menyuk Award from BU – Moscotti Fellowship for Graduate Studies of Southeast Asia from the Center for Southeast Asian Studies

– Alfonso Yuchengco Endowment Fund from the Center for Philippine Studies – Year 2 of Sharing Language Diversity Fellowship from the Endangered Language Fund. He is one of the inaugural fellows.

– Editorial Grant from the Bassi Foundation, which he declined

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