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Impressive UHM presence at BUCLD 48

Many linguists from the UHM Department of Linguistics presented their work at the 48th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, held November 2-5, 2023.

Professor Kamil Deen delivered a plenary address titled “The fingerprints of universal grammar.” In addition to the plenary, the following students and faculty presented their research:

Tetsuya Sano, Akari Ohba, Mayuko Yusa and Kamil Deen: “Reconsidering the semantic subset principle: Japanese children do have wide scope of disjunction under negation.”

Youngin Lee and Bonnie D. Schwartz: “Negated disjunction in (native and) nonnative Korean.”

Louward Zubiri and Kamil Deen: “Assessing intergenerational transmission of Bikol.”

Kamil Deen, Patrick Brennan, Yu-Tzu Chang, Raymond Daniels, Youngin Lee, Kaiying Lee, Akari Ohba, Anupama Reddy, Alexancer Tang, Shigeo Tonoike, Annika Topelian, Jue Wang, Mayuko Yusa and Louward Zubiri: “Subsets from supersets: How children correctly interpret pre-subject only.”

Anupama Reddy and Kamil Deen: “Case resilience in Marathi heritage speakers.”

Annika Topelian and Kamil Deen: “Word order constraints for wh-questions in adult heritage Western Armenian.”

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