Administrative Damage & Fee Sheet

Administrative & Damage Fee Sheet

Fee Type


Administrative Fee


Improper Check Out

(includes failure to sign up for checkout appointment, missing appointment, departing without checking out, etc)


Late Check-Out (After Closing Deadlines)

$50 per hour up to maximum daily charge of $400

Abandoned Bicycle Handling/Storage Fee

$50 (note: Abandoned bikes are only stored for 30 days before being discarded)

Community Desk Equipment Lost/Broken

Cost to Replace

Equipment Late Return Fee

$20 per late period, up to replacement cost of equipment

Removal of Common Area Furniture

$10/day plus staffing cost to return (if applicable)

Unauthorized Room/Hall Switch

$100 plus daily rate of occupying multiple spaces

Unauthorized use of vacant spaces within Room/Apartment

$100 plus daily prorated room rate

Removal of Abandoned Personal Belongings

$100 plus any costs associated with returning to owner (note: after 30 days, items will be discarded)

Unauthorized Air Conditioner

$100, plus $15 Per Day

Unauthorized Animals


Group Assessment


ACF/RCF/SCF Not Returned


Lockout/Key Replacement

$5-$20 (no charge on first three lockouts if key returned)

Mailbox Lock Re-Setting

$10 (no charge on first three)

Hourly Maintenance/Custodial Costs