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Further Investigations: What are Aquatic Plants and Algae

  1. Cyanobacteria are single-celled algae that fall within the domain Bacteria. They can be seen as a dark fuzz or slime on submerged sediment or rocks at the beach. Cyanobacteria played a major role in Earth’s history by adding large quantities of oxygen gas to the atmosphere. Use library and Internet resources to investigate this “Great Oxygenation Event.” What was the Great Oxygenation Event? When did it occur? What is the significance of this event?
  2. The average person is generally familiar with eukaryotes. Humans maintain grass lawns, eat foods produced from eukaryotes, and keep pet dogs, cats and goldfish. Many people are also familiar with bacteria as potentially harmful “germs” or pathogens or beneficial microbes in yogurts and cheeses. However, species in the domain Archaea remain largely unknown to many people. Use library and Internet resources to learn more about this diverse domain of life. Prepare a short presentation for your classmates and family about the diversity and importance of archaea.
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