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113th Annual Commencement Exercises
Saturday, May 11, 2024
Stan Sheriff Center

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Policy Regarding the Printed Program

February 2000

The printed Commencement Exercises program provides graduates of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa with a keepsake of their accomplishments as a student, provides participants with information about the ceremony, and defines and recognizes the excellence of this University.

The printed program is designed to recognize students matriculating from this University with honors, as well as those who have graduated as a University of Hawaiʻi Regent or Presidential Scholar or those who have received national honors and awards.

In previous years and graduation ceremonies, no official policy existed to determine who could be recognized in the printed program. Practice has been that names submitted by schools and colleges for inclusion in the printed program under “Awards and Scholarships” or “Honor Societies” have not been challenged.

All graduates are listed once in the printed program. Special recognition within the printed program should be an honor to distinguished students and organizations, as well as the University, and not an open call for all levels of honorees. Therefore, an established selection process or policy of criteria was needed.

This policy establishes the way in which students, student organizations, and honor societies are recognized within the printed commencement program.

Student Honor Societies

Graduating members of national honor societies will be recognized in the “Honor Societies” section of the printed program. Graduates must notify honor society advisors to confirm their graduation date

Presidential and Regents Scholars and Honors Program Graduates

Graduating Presidential and Regents Scholars, and Honors Program candidates will be recognized in the “Honors and Awards” section of the printed program.

Other Groups and Distinctions

Recipients of tuition waivers, departmental grants, scholarships, and prizes will not be recognized in the “Honors and Awards” section of the printed program.

Members of school or college Dean’s Lists and department club officers will not be recognized in the “Honors and Awards” section of the printed program.

Graduates with cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude distinctions will be asked to stand and be recognized during the ceremony and it will be noted on your diploma and transcript. No stoles or cords are distributed.

Schools, colleges, and departments are encouraged to recognize their outstanding graduates at other functions before or after commencement.

For further information, email, or call (808) 956-GRAD (4723).