Classes have just picked back up in person this semester, bringing a lot of excitement and a lot more considerations as we make this transition from online learning. Being on campus again can be quite nerve-racking, and on my first day back, I found myself lost trying to find a table outside–there were none open! With this transition to in-person, I thought it would be great to share some tips that could make this transition easier!


Getting to Campus:

If you drive to school, you have likely already gotten your routine locked down–whether you have a parking pass or park on the street and walk. If you are considering whether a parking pass is worth it (for next Fall semester–it is already sold out this semester), one factor that made me purchase a pass was that after 4pm, anyone with a permit is allowed to park anywhere* on campus (except reserved stalls and restricted zones like by the dorms) until 6:30am the next morning! So if I ever want to study in the evening, I can just pull up next to the curb of Hamilton at 8pm.

If you bus, you probably already know your best routes, wake up times, and so forth, but some apps that could help you plan out your routine are TheBusHEA and ManoaNow. Both apps provide access to a map of bus routes and list of arrival times for the bus you need to catch. 

Do you catch the shuttle? Then, definitely download ManoaNow, as it shares shuttle arrival times to help you plan your day!


Arriving on Campus:

Once you’re on campus, make sure that you’re wearing your mask and have completed your daily check-in on Lumisight!

And if you ever find yourself lost on campus, trying to find your class, check out a campus map on ManoaNow, or even Google Maps.


Taking Your Class:

Have any online classes that you need to take on-campus? There are many places you may want to take it. Outdoor seating areas are great, and the library is good too if you have a class that doesn’t require oral participation. But if you have to speak in your Zoom classes, don’t worry–the Hamilton Library has Zoom Rooms just for this purpose. Make sure to reserve your spots ASAP, as they do fill up quickly. 


Study Spots:

When it comes to studying, there are so many great spots around campus. Outdoor areas like the ART building and Saunders Hall are great during the daytime between classes, as they are breezy. I also like Sinclair Library, but that closes at 9pm usually during the weekdays, so I will tend to go to Hamilton Library, which closes at 10pm and offers a wide variety of study rooms and spaces, as well as A/C–though it does get a little cold sometimes. I recommend bringing in a jacket or two.


Eating Spots:

Coming back to campus, I was most excited about my favorite food places opening up. My favorite places are Lasoon, which is in Paradise Palms, and Ba-Le, which is in Hemenway Hall. Both offer such great food at great prices, and I am obsessed with Lasoon’s butter chicken and Bale’s chicken banh mis.

Check out this link for different eateries on campus and their hours!


This transition back to campus has been really exciting, and I hope that these tips prove helpful for making this semester a great experience!