Unit: Earth Sciences
Program: Earth and Planetary Sciences (MS)
Degree: Master's
Date: Tue Oct 13, 2009 - 9:17:28 am

1) List your program's student learning outcomes (SLOs).

  1. Acquire knowledge and skills that will enable her or him to advance the state of the Earth sciences and their application to societal problems.
  2. Evaluate the hypotheses, methods, results and conclusions of published literature relevant to a chosen scientific problem.
  3. Define an appropriate and tractable thesis objective, in consultation with his or her advisor.
  4. Present and defend her or his scientific findings in front of a public audience.
  5. Write a thesis which documents his or her contribution to the field.

2) Where are your program's SLOs published?

Department Website URL: NA
Student Handbook. URL, if available online: NA
Information Sheet, Flyer, or Brochure URL, if available online:
UHM Catalog. Page Number:
Course Syllabi. URL, if available online: NA

3) Upload your program's current curriculum map(s) as a PDF.

No map submitted.

4) What percentage of courses have the course SLOs explicitly stated on the course syllabus, department website, or other publicly available document? (Check one)


5) State the SLO(s) that was Assessed, Targeted, or Studied

All SLO's are a focus of our curriculum.

6) State the Assessment Question(s) and/or Goal(s) of Assessment Activity

Are SLO's being achieved?

7) State the Type(s) of Evidence Gathered

Specific evaluation of SLO's is accomplished with each student. Exit interviews, annual interviews, and other efforts.

8) State How the Evidence was Interpreted, Evaluated, or Analyzed

Through many types of interaction among faculty in the form of departmental meetings, research committees, annual assessments, departmental chair reviews, each student meets with a faculty committee annually.

9) State How Many Pieces of Evidence Were Collected

too many to say.

10) Summarize the Actual Results

GG grads have graduation rate of nearly 100% and employment level of nearly 100%.

11) Briefly Describe the Distribution and Discussion of Results

committee, monthly faculty meetings

12) Describe Conclusions and Discoveries

GG graduate program is very successful - more formalized tracking of student progress is catching the few students that lag behind

13) Use of Results/Program Modifications: State How the Program Used the Results --or-- Explain Planned Use of Results

this is accomplished through annual departmental committee work.

14) Reflect on the Assessment Process

exit interviews reflect high student satisfaction with their experience here.

15) Other Important Information

16) FOR DISTANCE PROGRAMS ONLY: Explain how your program/department has adapted its assessment of student learning in the on-campus program to assess student learning in the distance education program.

17) FOR DISTANCE PROGRAMS ONLY: Summarize the actual student learning assessment results that compare the achievement of students in the on-campus program to students in the distance education program.