Unit: Law
Program: Law (LLM)
Degree: Master's
Date: Tue Nov 30, 2010 - 10:34:07 am

1) Below are the program student learning outcomes submitted last year. Please add/delete/modify as needed.

The School of Law offers a Master of Laws (LLM) program to a small number of foreign-trained law professionals who desire to study American, international, and comparative law. The LLM program received official ABA acquiescence and Board of Regents approval in 2002, and admitted its first students in fall 2003. The Student Learning Outcomes of the LLM are to:

(1) receive basic education about, and gain general familiarity with, the legal system in the United States;

(2) become familiar with the roles, obligations, and skills of lawyers in the United States; and

(3) study and compare specialized law in the United States within each student's areas of interest or practice with the laws of each student's home country.

2) As of last year, your program's SLOs were published as follows. Please update as needed.

Department Website URL:
Student Handbook. URL, if available online:
Information Sheet, Flyer, or Brochure URL, if available online:
UHM Catalog. Page Number:
Course Syllabi. URL, if available online: NA

3) Below is the link to your program's curriculum map (if submitted in 2009). If it has changed or if we do not have your program's curriculum map, please upload it as a PDF.

No map submitted.

4) The percentage of courses in 2009 that had course SLOs explicitly stated on the syllabus, a website, or other publicly available document is indicated below. Please update as needed.


5) State the assessment question(s) and/or goals of the assessment activity. Include the SLOs that were targeted, if applicable.

Assessment occurred as part of self-study process for accreditation. 

6) State the type(s) of evidence gathered.

Student performance; number of degrees awarded.

7) Who interpreted or analyzed the evidence that was collected?

Course instructor(s)
Faculty committee
Ad hoc faculty group
Department chairperson
Persons or organization outside the university
Faculty advisor
Advisors (in student support services)
Students (graduate or undergraduate)

8) How did they evaluate, analyze, or interpret the evidence?

Used a rubric or scoring guide
Scored exams/tests/quizzes
Used professional judgment (no rubric or scoring guide used)
Compiled survey results
Used qualitative methods on interview, focus group, open-ended response data
External organization/person analyzed data (e.g., external organization administered and scored the nursing licensing exam)

9) State how many persons submitted evidence that was evaluated.
If applicable, please include the sampling technique used.

10) Summarize the actual results.

Fifteen students successfully graduated from the LL.M. Program.  Two applied for and were accepted into the Law School's Juris Doctor program.

11) How did your program use the results? --or-- Explain planned use of results.
Please be specific.

Reported in our self study that was used by accrediting body.

12) Beyond the results, were there additional conclusions or discoveries? This can include insights about assessment procedures, teaching and learning, program aspects and so on.


13) Other important information: