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Including how to apply, please visit the following pages:

Undergraduate Programs Information

Major or minor in Asian Studies.

Graduate Programs Information

Including: Master of Arts in Asian Studies, Master’s in Asian International Affairs, and Graduate Certificates in Asian Studies.

Student Testimonials

Christina Geisse

The Asian Studies Program was incredible because most professors were undertaking their own research, passionate about their subject of study, and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with students. It felt fresh and profound at the same time. Inspiring! 

Christina Geisse
Kim Sluchansky

I was able to delve deep and focus on the areas of Asian Studies that truly interested me, and therefore gained a much more thorough and developed understanding of my fields of interest, which are applicable to my current career path. Also, the professors are extremely helpful and want their students to succeed. They were very supportive both while I was at UH and after I graduated.

SPAS 2021 Conference Poster.

SPAS Graduate Conference: Submission Deadline Feb. 7

Conference Information

The School of Pacific and Asian Studies Graduate Conference welcomes abstract submissions from graduate students, on this year’s theme of Innovation, Adaptation, and Resilience.

The conference will be held online via Zoom, on April 14-15, 2021. This year’s keynote speakers include Dr. Jeremy Spoon, Dr. Anne Koykas, and Dr. Mireya Solís.

For more information, please visit the conference website.

SPAS 2021 Graduate Conference Poster. Information in white text. Three keynote speakers in circles on bottom center.
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