is committed to supporting the research and teaching of Okinawa-related subjects by its faculty/staff and students, as well as providing outreach to the general community in the forms of workshops, lectures, seminars, and conferences.

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Music event "Sacred Sounds of Ryukyu" on Sunday, November 11 from 6 pm at Orvis Auditorium

On November 11th, Sunday, from 6pm, there will be traditional Okinawan music performance at Orvis Auditorium,UH Manoa Music Department. For details, please refer to the flyer that is accessible by clicking on the heading of this post

10/13 Saturday, 9 am- 4:30pm Symposium: 30th Anniversary of the University of Hawai'i - University of the Ryukyus Partnership

University of Hawai'i and University of Ryukyus are hosting a symposium on 10/13 Saturday from 9 am - 4:30 pm at Center for Korean Studies at University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Further details to follow. For seating and lunch information, please contact the Center for Okinawan Studies, or (808) 956-6345.

The 36th Annual Okinawan Festival, September 1-2, 2018

There will be many fun events such as performance of Hawaii Taiko Kai, foods (of course many andagis!), and bon dance festival. UH Manoa's Center for Okinawan Studies booth will be there as well as so please come check us out too! Event time and parking: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st. Festival: 9 am to 5 pm. Bon Dance: 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd. Festival: 9 am to 4 pm NEW LOCATION: Hawaii Convention Center. Parking at the Convention Center is $10, or you can park for free at McKinley High School with shuttle to Convention Center for $3 roundtrip.

Spring 2019 Courses

EALL (East Asian Languages and Literatures) 197  Elementary Okinawan :

The class will introduce students to the Okinawan language of Naha, the capital city
of Okinawa Prefecture. Some reference will be made as well to the classical/aristocratic/literary Shuri variety and its role in the performing arts and poetry/song traditions of Okinawa. The class meets three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and features instruction in Okinawan pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, sentence patterns, and conversations. CRN: 89018 (3 credits)
Prerequisites: The course presumes an interest in the Okinawan language and a willingness to work hard, but no prior experience with Okinawan is required. All required materials are in romanized Okinawan and English.
Instructor: Dr. Stewart Curry
In Spring 2019 semester, Dr. Stewart Curry will offer an Okinawan literature class. For those interested, this will be a perfect opportunity to immerse into Okinawan literature.

Fall 2018 Courses

DNCE 106 Introduction to Okinawan Dance:Beginning techniques of Okinawan dance. No experience necessary. CRN: 87720

DNCE 306 Okinawan Dance I:Performance and techniques at the introductory level. Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent.(1 credit)
CRN: 82453

DNCE 406Okinawan Dance II: Performance and techniques at intermediate level. Prerequisite: 306 or consent. (1 credit)
CRN: 82861

JPN 471 Okinawan Language & Culture:JPN471 is the first of a series of two courses (JPN 471 and JPN 472). This course focuses on the language, heritage and folk culture of Okinawa. Prerequisite: 202, 205 or consent (3 credits)
CRN: 82441

Spring 2018 Courses

ASAN 320O Asian Nation Studies: Okinawa: Multidisciplinary examination of major Asian countries; cultural, social, economic, and political lives of their peoples. (O) Okinawa Prerequisite: 201 and 202, or consent. CRN:85381

HIST 423 Okinawa: Survey of social, cultural, economic, and political history from earliest times to present. CRN:89018

JPN 472 Okinawan Language & Culture: The second series of two course (JPN 471-472) focusing on Okinawan literature, language skills, heritage, and cultural understanding. Prerequisite: 471 or consent.  CRN:82471

JPN 614 Classical Japanese Literature: Critical reading and analysis of Japanese literature. Readings for the seminar depend upon the students’ interests including Okinawan/Ryukyuan literature. Prerequisite: 466 or consent.   CRN:89276

MUS 311F Okinawan Ensemble: Performance of literature for types of groups of various sizes and kinds at an introductory level. Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent.  CRN: 85820

DNCE 106 Introduction to Okinawan Dance: Performance and techniques. No experience necessary. CRN: 87797

DNCE 306 Okinawan Dance I: Performance and techniques. Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent. CRN:82428

DNCE 406 Okinawan Dance II: Performance and techniques at intermediate level. Prerequisite: 306 or consent. CRN: 82429







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