is committed to supporting the research and teaching of Okinawa-related subjects by its faculty/staff and students, as well as providing outreach to the general community in the forms of workshops, lectures, seminars, and conferences.

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Uta nu Hana - Nomura Ryu Ongaku Kyo Kai Hawaii Shibu 50th Anniversary Concert

Saturday, June 3, 2017 2pm (doors open at 1:30pm) Kaimuki High School Theater

Dū usami: the Journey - Jimpu Kai USA Kin Ryosho Ryukyu Geino Kenkyusho Hawaii Shibu

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary at the Asia Pacific Dance Festival on July 30 at 2pm

Kariyushi Kariyushi - Tamagusuku Ryu Senju Kai Hawaii Frances Nakachi Ryubu DOjo

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary on May 21 doors open at 2:30pm at HUOA

Summer 2017 Session I Courses

EALL 372B Modern Japanese Literature: Reading and analysis of English translations of selected important works in Okinawan literature. No knowledge of Japanese required. CRN: 91980

Spring 2017 Courses

ASAN 320O Asian Nation Studies: Okinawa: Multidisciplinary examination of major Asian countries; cultural, social, economic, and political lives of their peoples. (O) Okinawa Prerequisite: 201 and 202, or consent. CRN:86097

JPN 472 Okinawan Language & Culture: The second series of two course (JPN 471-472) focusing on Okinawan literature, language skills, heritage, and cultural understanding. Prerequisite: 471 or consent.  CRN:82808

MUS 311F Okinawan Ensemble: Performance of literature for types of groups of various sizes and kinds at an introductory level. Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent.  CRN: 86610

DNCE 106 Introduction to Okinawan Dance: Performance and techniques. No experience necessary.
CRN: 89346

DNCE 306 Okinawan Dance I: Performance and techniques. Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent.

DNCE 406 Okinawan Dance II: Performance and techniques at intermediate level. Prerequisite: 306 or consent.
CRN: 82762

Fall 2016 Courses

HISTORY 423 OKINAWA: A survey of social, cultural, economic, and political history from earliest times to present. (3 credits)
CRN: 75611

DNCE 306 -1 Okinawan Dance I: Performance and techniques. No experience necessary. (1 credit)
CRN: 73015

DNCE 406 – 1 Okinawan Dance II: Performance and techniques at intermediate level. (1 credit)
CRN: 73489

JPN 471 Okinawan Language & Culture: JPN471 is the first of a series of two courses (JPN 471 and JPN 472). This course focuses on the language, heritage and folk culture of Okinawa. (3 credits)
CRN: 72931



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