is committed to supporting the research and teaching of Okinawa-related subjects by its faculty/staff and students, as well as providing outreach to the general community in the forms of workshops, lectures, seminars, and conferences.

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Uchinaaguchi Language Classes at Hawaii Okinawa Center now offers day and night classes

Night Time Class: 
Monthly/Fourth Thursday, 7:00 p.m - 8:30 p.m.
Place: Hawaii Okinawa Center, Higa Bldg. First Floor

 Day Time Class: Monthly/Second Tuesday, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Place: Hawaii Okinawa Center, Higa Bldg. First Floor. Instructors: Grant "Sandaa" Murata Tel: (808) 256-5919; Kyoko Hijirida Tel:(808)-455-8736 or Cell:(808)-388-8380

“Hanagurumu” by Chinen Toshiko Ryuso Bunka Gakuin

Saturday, July 26, 2014, 6:30 pm, at Hawaii Theatre (1130 Bethel Street). General seating tickets - $45 & VIP seating - $100 (includes assigned seating and cocktail reception before the show). All tickets include a $3.00 restoration fee to the Hawaii Theatre. Only 84 VIP seats available. Please purchase them early! Please contact Junko Bise at (808) 218-8195, or for vouchers. Vouchers must be exchanged for tickets at the Hawai’i Theatre box office by July 12, 2014. Every admission requires a ticket.

Fall 2016 Courses

DNCE 306 -1 Okinawan Dance I: Performance and techniques. No experience necessary. (1 credit)
CRN: 73015

DNCE 406 – 1 Okinawan Dance II: Performance and techniques at intermediate level. (1 credit)
CRN: 73489

MUS 311F Okinawan Ensemble I: (1 credit)
CRN: 77882

JPN 471 Okinawan Language & Culture: JPN471 is the first of a series of two courses (JPN 471 and JPN 472). This course focuses on the language, heritage and folk culture of Okinawa. (3 credits)
CRN: 72931

Spring 2016 Courses

Outreach Noncredit Course Introduction to Okinawan DanceExperience Okinawan culture through dance in this introductory class. Participants will be taught selected dances from the Okinawan classical and folk traditions. (Event ID: P14116)

ASAN 320O Asian Nation Studies: Okinawa: Multidisciplinary examination of major Asian countries; cultural,
social, economic, and political lives of their peoples. (O) Okinawa Prerequisite: 201 and 202, or consent.

JPN 472 Okinawan Language & Culture: The second series of two course (JPN 471-472) focusing on Okinawan literature, language skills, heritage, and cultural understanding. Prerequisite: 471 or consent.  CRN:83001

MUS 311F Okinawan Ensemble: Performance of literature for types of groups of various sizes and kinds at an
introductory level. Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent.  CRN: 87256

DNCE 306 Okinawan Dance I: Performance and techniques. Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent.

DNCE 406 Okinawan Dance II: Performance and techniques at intermediate level. Prerequisite: 306 or consent.
CRN: 82949


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