Three degrees, two certificates, and more!

American Studies at the University of Hawai’i provides a strong foundation in traditional American Studies areas along with a special focus on the United States’ relations with Asia and the Pacific. The program provides a broad liberal arts education as well as excellent preparation for further graduate work in many fields and professions.

The graduate program (30-credit MA, and PhD) is unique in its transnational focus and range of faculty expertise in Indigenous Studies, Film and Media Studies, Gender and Sexuality, American Social Movements, Ethnic Studies, Comparative Slavery and Diaspora Studies, and Cultural Studies.

The Museum Studies Graduate Certificate Program at the University of Hawai‘i offers students an opportunity to learn about museums, acquire professional experience, and develop research skills while earning a certificate.

In addition, many American Studies graduate students pursue concurrent certificate programs outside the department in International Cultural Studies, Women’s Studies, or Pacific Island Studies. Some choose to pursue a dual degree in American Studies and Public Administration or Library and Information Science.

Entering American Studies graduate students can organize their programs of study to include courses leading to related certificates and degrees.