VIP Teams


For prospective students interested in joining a VIP team.

Space and Aerial Robotics students

Space and Aerial Robotics

Design, fabrication, testing, and analysis of space and aerial robotic platforms.
microfabricated systems logo

Micro VIP

This teams works on microfabricated systems for engineering and healthcare applications. This includes microfluidic systems, optically controlled microrobots, single-cell analysis tools, and other technologies.
Smart Campus Energy Lab (SCEL) prototype

Smart Campus Energy Lab (SCEL)

Design, fabrication, and deployment of environmental sensor modules that collect weather data in order to analyze spatial and temporal impacts on renewable energy sources.
unmanned boat system


The RIP Lab’s Unmanned X Systems (UXS) research group, or Team Kanaloa, aims to advance Unmanned Systems technologies including aerial, surface, and underwater platforms for practical applications.
liquid metal photo

Liquid-Metal Electronics

Design, fabrication, testing, and analysis of various reconfigurable electronic devices using liquid metal.
Manoa Astronomical Technologies (MAT) 3d model graphic

Manoa Astronomical Technologies (MAT)

The UH Manoa Astronomical Technologies VIP team develops precision instruments and telescope components for astronomical applications.
drone photo

Cyber Security and Drone Applications

Cyber Security, Drone Applications and Security, and IoT Applications and Security
Renewable Energy Design circuit board

Renewable Energy DesignSmart Grid, Energy Harvesting, Cybersecurity, Energy Markets

The quest to move away from fossil fuels is an important subject for the engineers of today and tomorrow to tackle.
Fixed-wing UAV 3d model

Fixed-Wing Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Design and build a fully autonomous electric Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to survey and monitor a 4,000-acre macadamia nut farm on the Big Island of Hawaii.
smart needle 3d rendering

Smart Needle

An active “smart” needle with robotic manipulation for cancer therapeutic or diagnostic procedures.
coral nursery

Coral Nursery

An underwater husbandry for rehabilitation of damaged corals
Aerospace Technologies prototype

Aerospace Technologies

Design, build and research for advanced aerospace technologies with applications to exploration vehicles such as drones, rockets and satellites.
vertically integrated projects logo

Applied Materials and Nanosystems

Goals: Build and develop capabilities for applied materials research using integration of nanoscale engineering and behavior. Study and develop materials applications, material processes, and new physical device systems. Key elements: Material processing, material testing, sensor miniaturization, material integration to new…

Advanced Manufacturing: Bioprinting (on hiatus)

Design and build a 3D FRESH Bioprinter for the additive manufacture of soft materials.
Autonomous Electric Vehicle System (AEVS) prototype

Autonomous Electric Vehicle System (AEVS)

Design, build, and program an autonomous electric vehicle that accepts and delivers parcels
RoSE logo

Robotic Space Exploration (RoSE) VIP

The RoSE VIP team aims to explore and learn about our universe through and beside intelligent robotic systems.
UH campus aerial view

UH Energy and Sustainability

This project is focused on topics of interest to UH Office of Sustainability, to help support broad UH energy and sustainability efforts, including becoming net-zero energy by 2035 and carbon neutral by 2050.
Autonomous vehicles wirelessly communicating with each other

Monet: Millimeter-wave Communication and Sensing Integration

The Monet VIP team aims to design a millimeter-wave (mmWave) communication system with integrated radar sensing capability for applications such as autonomous vehicles and remote healthcare.