Robotic Space Exploration (RoSE) VIP

The RoSE VIP team aims to explore and learn about our universe through and beside intelligent robotic systems.

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The RoSE VIP team will formulate robotic methods in autonomy, mobility, manipulation, and life detection for space exploration and science applications.

Key elements:
Autonomy, Robotics, Planetary Science, System Engineering

Research issues:

VIP Team RoSE is concerned with the fabrication, dynamics, controls, systems engineering, and machine learning for space applications. The main driving force for the team is the University Rover Challenge (URC). URC, which is an international competition to design the next generation of rovers for robotic exploration. Rovers from other teams and previous years can be seen in the links section. These models are from years of iterations, modifications, and redesigns. There are four sections of emphases to the URC: science, retrieval, service, and autonomy.

The goal of the science challenge is to design a life detection apparatus. This includes any organic material extinct or alive. All analysis must be conducted aboard the rover with no human interaction.

The retrieval phase requires the rover to traverse rough terrain within an allotted time frame. This terrain can range from hard and flat to soft and steep. The task also requires the rover to pick up objects to be moved to another specified location. The final requirement for this task is to pull a heavy object across a distance.

The service phase’s goal is to take the object collected by the retrieval team and deposit the object in a place that requires dexterous movement, like a drawer. Other dexterous maneuvers include typing, tightening bolts, and pushing buttons.

The final section of autonomy requires the rover to complete a predetermined course with no human intervention. To read more information on these topics and the rules you can look at the rulebook.


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Dr. Frances Zhu

Majors, preparation, interests:
Aerospace engineering
Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering
Computer science
Computer engineering
Planetary science

Contact information:
Contact Dr. Frances Zhu, zhu (at) with your interests and resume
Please check out Dr. Zhu’s website [] for more information


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