Center for Korean Studies programs are guided by five committees composed of affiliated members of the University of Hawai‘i faculty and associated community representatives.

The Outreach Committee plans and promotes cultural and academic programs that have special interest to communities interested in Korea-related activies in Hawai‘i, the U.S. mainland, and Korea. The Outreach Committee also oversees fundraising activities that support Center programs and initiatives.


The Publications Committee sets the standards governing Center publications; seeks out and encourages the submission of scholarly works that meet these standards; and supervises the evaluation, editorial policy, and publication of books, monographs, and the Center's journal, Korean Studies. The chair of the Publications Committee serves as editor of Korean Studies and manages the Center’s book series, Hawai‘i Studies on Korea.


The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for developing balanced academic offerings related to Korea and with suggesting additional programs to enhance Korean studies. It recommends new courses and curriculum changes, evaluates instructional and research staff and resources, and facilitates academic interchange via colloquia, academic exchanges, and organizational networks.


The Research and Grants Committee recommends general policies for individual and group research that is conducted under the auspices of the Center. It screens, evaluates and makes recommendations on the funding proposals for all conferences and research projects sponsored by the Center. The Committee screens applications and selects visiting scholars. It also coordinates the visiting scholars’ activities with the Center’s other programs.


The Student Affairs Committee maintains and improves the Center's programs relating to both undergraduate and graduate students, with a special focus on promoting student-faculty interaction in Korean studies. Main areas of its activities are: recruitment (both within and outside of UH), academic advising/mentoring, fellowships and scholarships, and cultural and social activities. The committee seeks to help the Center offer outstanding opportunities to students pursuing Korean studies at UH.

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