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The Center for Korean Studies completed the digitization of the Korean Diaspora Newspapers published in Hawai'i. The digitization projects have been continuing for several years. So far, important Korean diaspora newspapers as below have been digitized and made available to the public at the CKS Website.

  • The United Korean News (신한국보) (1909-1911) [Korean]
  • The Korean National Herald (국민보) (1913-1968) [Korean]
  • The Korean Pacific Magazine (태평양잡지) (1913-1930) [Korean]
  • The Korean Pacific Weekly (태평양주보) (1930-1970) [Korean]
  • The Young Korean (1921-1926) [English]
  • The American Korean (1929-1941) [English]
  • The Korea Times Hawaii (하와이 한국일보) (1973-2010) [Korean]

The digitization of the Korean diaspora news media published in Hawaii is an important project for CKS, because they are the primary sources of Korean immigration history in Hawaii.  This project was possible because of the generous supports by the Academy of Korean Studies, Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs of ROK, Independence Hall, U Nam Society, and Korean American Foundation Hawaii (KAFH).

At CKS, Duk Hee Lee Murabayashi, Doyoung Park, Hanmin Kim, Joseph Shin, John Kim, Jinoo Baik, Seunghyun Hong, Yejun Kweon, Yoonseo Choi, Jiyun Kim, Christopher Yamada, Lillian Martosko, Tawanza Farmer, Annastaysia Kuikahi, Kortne Oshiro-Chin, Hae In Lee, CKS faculty members, and Tae-Ung Baik worked together to make it possible.

Korean Diaspora Newspaper Collections

The United Korean News

The United Korean News
신한국보 E-Collection

The National Korean Herald

The Korean National Herald
국민보 E-Collection

THe Korean Pacific Magazine & Weekly

The Korean Pacific Magazine
태평양잡지 E-Collection

THe Korean Pacific Magazine & Weekly

The Korean Pacific Weekly
태평양주보 E-Collection

The Young Korea

The Young Korean

The American Korean

The American Korean

The Korea Times Hawaii

The Korea Times Hawaii
하와이 한국일보 E-Collection

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