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Further Investigations: Birds

Table of Contents
  1. Investigate the natural history of the great auk (Pinguinus impennis).
    1. Where did this large marine bird occur?
    2. What happened to the great auk?
  2. Investigate the natural history of the extant and extinct flightless birds of the south Pacific and Australia. What are some examples of flightless birds in these regions? Why did so many flightless bird species face extinction?
  3. One example of an evolutionary adaptive radiation can be seen in the honeycreeper birds of Hawaiʻi. Investigate the natural history of this group. What caused so many species to evolve in Hawaiʻi? What is the current conservation status of the Hawaiian honeycreepers?
  4. Investigate the factors that threaten marine birds. Which factors are natural and which are caused by human activities? What can students do to help conserve marine birds?
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