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What is ANNO?

The ʻAhahui Noiʻi Noʻeau ʻŌiwi – Research Institute of Indigenous Performance (ANNO) is a new initiative stimulating scholarship in Hawai‘i and the global Indigenous community that highlights the artistic practices of aboriginal peoples. ANNO was established through the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa’s Provost’s Strategic Investment Initiative, a campus-wide competition designed to increase cross-unit and cross-disciplinary collaboration, in Fall of 2022. 

“Ka lamakū o ke aloha ʻāina: A leading light of aloha ʻāina for Hawaiʻi and the world.”

Nā Maʻawe

The work of ANNO embodies three strands or maʻawe to achieve its goals: Maʻawe Mua (Scholarship and Publication), Ma‘awe ‘Elua (Curriculum and Archive), and Ma‘awe ‘Ekolu (Outreach and Recruitment). The three ma‘awe work in concert to position ANNO as the leading research institute of Hawaiian and Indigenous Performance, thus elevating our university on a global scale.

Scholarship & Publication

Scholarship & Publication

Key features of Ma’awe Mua include: guest scholars from across Hawaiʻi and Oceania, an anthology, and the ANNO Conference on Indigenous Performance.

Archive & Curriculum

Archive & Curriculum

Key features of Ma’awe ʻElua include: professional development workshops, hana keaka curriculum, and an archive of ANNO events and materials.

Outreach & Recruitment

Outreach & Recruitment

Key features of Ma’awe ʻEkolu include: graduate assistantships, recruitment across Hawaiʻi and the Pacific, and a Hana Noʻeau Workshop Series.

Upcoming Events

CAATA Confest 2024

ConFest 2024 will focus on celebrating new works by Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian), Pacific Islander, and local Asian American theater practitioners. We want to invite you to come celebrate with us, to come together as a community, and to witness and learn from the work grown on the islands. We are seeking conversations and looking for future collaborations, and we encourage you to learn about the deep and rich history of Hawaiʻi and its people.

This event is hosted in cooperation with Hana KeakaThe Hawaiian Theatre Program in the Department of Theatre & Dance, and ʻAhahui Noiʻi Noʻeau ʻŌiwi – Research Institute of Indigenous Performance (ANNO) at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and TeaDa Productions.

For more information about CAATA Confest 2024, please visit their website here.

ANNO in the News

Mālama ʻia ka ʻaha kūkā mua loa pili i ka hana noʻeau he ʻōiwi ma UH Mānoa

I ka hahai ʻana i ka manaʻo o Noiʻi Nowelo, ka ʻimi ʻana hoʻi i ʻike kūhohonu, e hoʻākoakoa ʻia mai ana kēia ʻaha kūkā i ka poʻe akeakamai o UH Mānoa a me ka Pakipika mai loko mai o nā mahele ʻike a me nā hana noʻeau he nui wale. Ma ia mau lā he ʻelua, e mālama ʻia he mau hōʻikeʻike, haʻiʻōlelo, pānela, hālāwai hoʻonaʻauao, ʻaha mele, a he hana keakanō hoʻi, i pūnana e hua aʻe ai nā manaʻo kelakela a me nā pilina e kaʻa ana ā puni ka honua…

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Māori musicians mentor Mānoa students in contemporary song compositions

”Ten students in the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Hawaiian Theatre program are tapping deeply into their naʻau (gut) to acquire the art of composing mele (songs) rooted in Indigenous traditions. Throughout November, the award-winning program in the theatre and dance department is hosting guest artists from Aotearoa (New Zealand) who are mentoring haumāna (students) at UH Mānoa to write original songs…

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2022 Strategic Investment Initiative Winners

The Provost’s Strategic Investment Initiative is a campus-wide competition designed to increase cross-unit and cross-disciplinary collaboration in strategic areas that, with start-up funding, have a strong possibility for success in building on UH Mānoa’s strengths while also addressing challenges. The inaugural competition, launched in 2017, provided start-up funding for a diverse set of initiatives, including the Center for Microbiome Analysis through Island Knowledge and Investigation…

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