VOICE OF THE SEA: Patterns in Sound

In this episode. we visit the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa's School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology to learn about earthquakes, volcanoes, waves, and the sounds of the sea. In the sound lab, Tom Fedenczuk shows us how researchers study underwater sound and pressure waves using hydrophones. (Note: Jump to 18 minutes to visit the sound lab.)

Also in this episode, we meet Garret Apuzen-Ito and Jonathan Weiss to learn about eathquakes, geophones, and seismic activity. We talk with Jared Marske to learn aobout volcanos and vulcanology. Then, we explore a wave tank and learn about coastal erosion, sediment transport, and the Bernoilli Principle with Geno Pawlak. 

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Voice of Sea Episode

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