Financial Aid & Scholarships

NHSS provides services to help you apply and be aware of scholarships available to you. We do this by having scholarship lists, tips, and workshops.

Woman holding scholarship workbook

To give you a big picture overview and understanding of the scholarship process, it is important to understand the difference between financial aid and scholarships. At UH Manoa, in order to qualify for financial aid, you must complete your FAFSA.  We suggest submitting this as soon as possible but no later than mid February.  The selection process for financial aid is need-based and on a first-come basis, meaning that the later that you wait to submit your FAFSA the less likely you will awarded a financial aid package.

Scholarships on the other hand have numerous deadlines and often require an application process that includes personal statements, letter of recommendations, and so on. Scholarships vary in amount and requirements; for example, some require community service hours as a scholarship recipient. In this section you will find a list of scholarships, tips, and information about our annual scholarship workshop and workbook.