The Bookshelf : NHSSUHM

The Bookshelf is an online series coming out of Native Hawaiian Student Services, created to share ʻike from Hawaiian faculty here at UH Mānoa with students and community.

Created at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, this series was our attempt to remain connected with faculty, students, and the lāhui while still maintaining social distancing. It has continued on after the end of the pandemic as a way to extend the reach of our faculty and students beyond the classroom.

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S1 E4: “Kūlana ʻAiaola So ʻOno!”
with Dr. Marie Kainoa Fialkowski Revilla

S1 E6: Mahiʻai Kahiko, Mahiʻai ʻAuana – Feeding Hawaiʻi
with Dr. Noa Kekuewa Lincoln

S1 E7: ʻĀina & Education: Understanding Military Occupations in Hawaiʻi
with Dr. Noelani Goodyear-Kaʻōpua & Kyle Kajihiro

S2 E2: Mele Kūʻē A History of Sonic Kaona and Aural Resistance
with Dr. Jace Kaholokula Saplan

S2 E3: Finding Mary Diasporic Hawaiian Women & Performance in the Archive + Embodying The Hoʻi Mai The Diaspora
with Lani Teves & Dr. Joyce Pualani Warren

S2 E4: Art & Building Movements in the Hawaiian Kingdom
w/Joy Lehuanani Enomoto

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S3 E7: From Kaimiloa to Hōkūleʻa Why Hawaiʻi Matters in Oceania
with Lorenz Gonschor

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S5 E2: Honolulu Museum of Arts Artists of Hawaiʻi Now Panel
with Kauwila Mahi, Nicole Naone, Naʻalehu Anthony & Chris Kahunahana

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S6 E1: Mahina Kūʻokoʻa, Part 1: The Stability of Kūʻokoʻa Amidst The Great Māhele
with Donovan Preza

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