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Please reach out if you feel your right have experienced harassment or discrimination. You have protections against being misgendered, "dead-named", outed, or disrespected for your real or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

For assistance: LGBTQ@hawaii.edu

For confidential advocacy: manoaadv@hawaii.edu

To file a complaint/grievance: t9uhm@hawaii.edu

Transgender Students' Rights & Protections at University of Hawaii FAQs


We have 20 All-Gender Restrooms at UH Mānoa

Here is the link to the UH Mānoa Campus Map that includes all-gender restrooms:
https://map.hawaii.edu/manoa/?layer1=All-Gender Restrooms

The current list of 20 all-gender restrooms:

Architecture Building 3rd floor, room 315
Biomedical Sciences Building 2nd floor, room T202A
3rd floor, room T302A
4th floor, room T402A
Gartley Hall Basement, room 011
Hamilton Library 3rd floor, room 303A
3rd floor, room 303B
Holmes Hall 2nd floor, room 221
2nd floor, room 271
Kennedy Theater 1st floor, room 104AA
1st floor, room 104AC
Life Sciences Building 1st floor, room 100UR
Marine Sciences Building 3rd floor, room 327
Miller Hall 1st floor, room 104C
Pacific Ocean Science and Technology (POST) Building 5th floor, room 539
6th floor, room 625
7th floor, room 730
8th floor, room 828
Saunders Building 1st floor, room 103
Queen Liliʻuokalani Center for Student Services 3rd floor, room 302 (multi-stall)

Download All-Gender Restrooms (PDF)*

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You have the right to use the gendered space that corresponds to your gender identity, not your assigned sex.

Executive Policy 1.205 Policy and Guidelines on Inclusive Facilities


How To Change Your Name in UH Records

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Download the Preferred Name Form (PDF)*


Executive Policy 1.204, Policy on Title IX Sexual Harassment (eff. Aug. 14, 2020)

Administrative Procedure AP 1.204, Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Process (eff. Aug. 14, 2020)

Executive Policy 1.202, Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action

Administrative Procedure 9.920, Discrimination Complaint Procedures for Employees, Students, and Applicants for Employment or Admission

Executive Policy 7.208, Systemwide Student Conduct Code

Executive Policy 7.205, Systemwide Student Disciplinary Sanctions

Executive Policy 9.210, Workplace Non-Violence