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Weekly Student Drop-in Groups:

LGBTQ+ Coffee Hour:

Students meet every Wednesday afternoon from 4:00 pm-5:00 pm for our weekly LGBTQ+ and Ally Coffee Hour. This is an informal drop-in group where students are free to come as they are and share space with others who are committed to LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion. We are currently meeting in person and masks are required.

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Rainbow ʻOhana Program:

The Rainbow ʻOhana Program is an extended family of support at UH Mānoa for LGBTQ+ and ally students. It is a peer mentorship program that enhances student success and provides opportunities for university and community service. The Rainbow ʻOhana Program holds monthly discussion groups facilitated by peer mentors about LGBTQ+ identity and student success. It also sponsors volunteer opportunites on campus and in the larger community. Students who participate in the Rainbow ʻOhana Program and successfully participate in scheduled community service opportunities will have the opportunity to receive a Rainbow Stole upon graduation. For more information and to participate in the Rainbow ʻOhana Program: LGBTQ@hawaii.edu.

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Rainbow Graduation:

At the end of Spring Semester, we celebrate the achievements of our LGBTQ+ and ally students by honoring our graduates in a ceremony where we confer a rainbow tassel and certificate. In addition, participants in the Rainbow ʻOhana Program are conferred a rainbow graduation stole that can be worn in the UH Mānoa commencement ceremony. For more information about Rainbow Graduation: LGBTQ@hawaii.edu.

Educational Events and Programs:

The LGBTQ+ Center sponsors annual events, including National Coming Out Day (October); Transgender Day of Remembrance (November); and the Rainbow Graduation (May) which celebrates the achievements of our graduating LGBTQ+ and ally students. In the spring semester we host sessions to prepare for graduate and professional school and entering the workforce as an LGBTQ+ person. We also participate in the Honolulu Pride Parade and Festival every October.

Advising and Support:

The LGBTQ+ Center provides direct services to students of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa to provide advice and support on topics like:

  • Identity development and building networks of support
  • Addressing issues around coming out
  • Strategies for academic, professional and personal growth and success
  • Getting involved with the larger LGBTQ+ community
  • Addressing issues of harassment through social justice and strategies for success

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