Mission-  The mission of the Kūaliʻi Council is to honor, empower, and advance Native Hawaiian people, culture and language through excellence in higher education.  The Kūaliʻi Council is self-determining in all matters relating to Native Hawaiian teaching, research, publication, and service.

The Kūali‘i Council represents Native Hawaiians from 18 Hawaiian serving programs at UH Mānoa, as well as Hawaiians affiliated with other Mānoa units. The Kūali‘i Council, whose members are faculty, professional staff, and graduate students, has the primary mission of advancing the status and condition of the Native Hawaiian people through the successful achievement in higher education by Native Hawaiian students and the promotion of Native Hawaiian administrators, faculty, and staff. Significantly, the programs represented by the Kūali‘i Council serve an estimated 35% of the Mānoa total student body per year.

At the Mānoa campus, Native Hawaiians are 11.4% (or 2,207) of the total student population. Native Hawaiians represent 12.6% (or 1,672) of the undergraduate students and 8.9% (or 535) of the graduate student population. More telling perhaps is the fact that Hawaiians are less than 4% of the faculty and there are virtually no Hawaiians represented in the decision-making lines within the Mānoa Administration. Moreover, budget requests made by the Council to support its programs represent less than 1% of the overall UH-Mānoa budget.

UH Mānoa Organizational Chart